The day to day management of a building not only concerns the efficient running of the premises for the enjoyment and use of the tenants; but also requires a high standard of security to ensure that a safe and comfortable living,'working environment is provided. Full team work of all management staff is necessary, and any negligence or omission in carrying out any pre-set security procedures may render their work futile.

Although Black Shield Security Services Corporation, the signaled security contractor will ensure this service is undertaken, it will be the responsibility of the Property Manager together with the Project Security Manager to monitor guard performance by the undertaking of regular review of the Service Level Agreements. Results performance appraisals will be documented for future reference. A. Access Control The following Instructions can be adopted to strengthen the access control and will ensure that security personnel are undertaking their tasks correctly.

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These checks should be undertaken at Irregular Intervals and at least one evening Inspection per ratter (3 months). 1 . The Property Manager and the designated Project Security Manager and/or any of their authorized representative(s), such as the building Security Officer in Charge, have the right to gain access into any unit for the purpose of making inspections or undertaking repairs, pest control, replacement of common Property, or installations located within the unit in order to remedy certain conditions which would result in damage to other portions of the building.

Such entry will be done with prior notice and in the presence of authorized unit owner/lessee representatives whenever Seibel, but may be done without prior notice during emergency situations 2. The Security may refuse admissions to the building outside of the regular office hours any person not properly Identified and may require such persons admitted to or leaving the building to register. Only persons registered with the Property Management Office as authorized by a unit owner and/or lessee will be allowed by security personnel to drive his vehicle in to and out of the building 3.

The Security may require any person leaving the building with any package or other object to present a gate pass from the tenant/occupant from whose premises the package or object is bring removed. However the establishment or enforcement of such requirement shall not imposed any responsibility on the security for the protection of the occupant/tenant against the removal of the property from the occupant/tenants premises.

Any person whose presence in the building at any time shall in the judgment of the Security, be prejudicial to the safety, characters reputation and Interest of the building or Its occupants/tenants maybe denied access to the building or may be ejected. Prohibit all access to the building during the continuance of the same, by closing ours or otherwise, for safety of the tenants/occupants or protection of property in the building. 5.

The Property Management Office shall in no way be liable to the occupant/tenant damages or losses arising from the admission, exclusion or ejection of any person to or from the premises or the building under the abovementioned provisions. B. Identification Cards for all Building Occupants/Employees 1 . All occupants/tenants including their principals and personnel are required to be issued an Identification Card (ID) by their respective offices with access limitations. 2.

All officers and employees of all unit occupants and tenants are required to wear their respective company ID at all time while inside the building premises to avoid being accosted by the security personnel. 3. All occupants/tenants must submit to the Property Management Office a list of all officers and employees for records and accreditation purposes. 4. Likewise, a sample of Company ID of all occupants/tenants offices and companies must be submitted for file and record purposes. 5.

The Property Management Office must be informed of any additional inclusion of new personnel and cancellation of resigned personnel immediately. . The Security Office shall be furnished a copy of the list of personnel and sample ID's submitted by the unit occupants and tenants. 7. All officers and employees of the unit occupants/tenants shall abide all rules and regulations of the building particularly to Janitorial, security and safety and if found in violation thereof must submit themselves to investigation and be cited in accordance with the law. 8.

The respective offices and companies shall be held responsible for the acts of misconduct / misdemeanors committed by their officers and employees while inside the building premises. 9. The Building Management thru the Property Management Office reserves the right to refuse entry any persons deemed to pose danger and threat to the security of the building. 10. Please note that this is primarily for the occupants/tenants personnel protection as well as for the protection of property. C. Guest and Visitors 1 . All pedestrian visitors shall be subject to baggage checks/inspection. . All visitors of tenants/occupants who are not organic personnel of occupants/ tenants of the building are to be issued Visitor/Guest ID Passes with access and movement limitation indicated by color codes. 3. Visitor's Registration Form from the lobby receptionist must be accomplished by each guest and submitted together with a valid driver's license, company ID, or any government-issued ID. 4. The receptionist shall issue a Visitor ID Pass to the visitor which is to be prominently worn by said them while within the building. The visitor may, at this 5.

The visitor, after completing his/her business within the building should proceed immediately to the lobby receptionist to surrender the Guests and claim his/her ID prior to leaving the building. 6. The temporary visitor's pass can be issued to tenant's/owner's guest who will stay n the building on official functions (I. E. Training, research, etc. ) for a minimum of one (1) week. The visitor's pass will be issued free-of-charge provided the same is surrendered on the designated period. 7. The cost of a lost Visitor's ID card will be charged to the holder. D. Gatepost System 1 .

All withdrawals and movement of property out of the building are to be covered by an authorized Gate Pass Form accomplished and signed by a duly designated person authorized by the occupants/tenants and are approved for withdrawal by the Property Manager or his duly authorized representative in his or her absence. . Signature of tenant/occupant must be verified in the list of authorized signatories submitted by the tenant/occupant companies. A detailed description of the items to be withdrawn and the name of the person authorized to move or withdraw the property must be clearly stated in the Gate Pass Form (GAP). . Occupants/tenants may likewise must use the gate pass and should be submitted in triplicate with all the required date and signed by their authorized signatory and tenants form will be stamped accordingly and approved by the Property Manager. 4. All movement of the meant/occupant's property shall be through the designated elevator only and the approved point of exit or withdrawal is at the service lift lobby, ground floor only. 5. The Property Manager or his authorized representative shall then evaluate the GAP. If found in order, the authority places his approval by signing the form. . The Security or his authorized representative shall then keep one copy for his file and instructs the occupant/tenants to proceed to the entry [exit point. 7. All the entry/exit point, the tenants/occupant shall present the approved GAP to the Gate Guard on duty. 8. The Gate Guard on Duty shall then inspect and verify the actual articles for entry/ pullout visa--visa articles listed on the GAP. After verification, the gate guard shall retain one copy with the gate pass for his records and shall allow entry/exit of articles to or from [Name of Client].

At this point, the gate guard shall immediately log on his record book the actual time of the pull out/entry. Only items specifically stated in the gate pass shall be allowed to bring in/out of the building. E. Dillydallying Inspection Patrols Routine daily inspections of each building should be carried out by the Property Manager and/or his duly authorize representative. A Daily Building Inspection Checklist must be accomplished for this purpose. All staff are expected to be conscious of this requirement. 3.

It is emphasized that these inspections are of great importance in maintaining standards of cleanliness, repairs and management of the property. Particular attention should be paid to lifts to ensure cleanliness and mechanical functioning. 4. Regular inspections of Fire Safety Equipment should also be made to ensure the service of extinguishers, and hose reels have not been tampered with. 5. Maintain a vigilant eye at all times on lighting in Common Areas and car park, storage areas so as to minimize wastage. 2. EMERGENCY DUTIES 1 .

Precautionary duties and responsibilities will be followed at all times. 2. All on-site staff is expected to render all reasonable service to tenants in the event of an emergency. 3. Additional information and directions issued by the client will be in writing and addressed to the PM. Property Manager are expected to maintain all tools, equipment and stores for use in emergencies in a state of readiness, and in the designated storage area at all times ND to ensure that all their staff are aware of the location and use of such equipment in the event of action being required during their absence 3.

ACCIDENTS, BURGLARY, ROBBERY OTHER INCIDENTS 1 . Required details of any accidents, burglary or other special occurrence will be reported to the Property Manager. 2. In all cases, and where plainly required, the first member of the building staff on the scene, or the Security Officer in Charge will report the accident, burglary or incident to the Property Manager and to the appropriate emergency service authority Fire Services, Police/Ambulance) and remain on the scene in order to assist the emergency service personnel upon their arrival. 3.

Where required, appropriately qualified staff at scene of the accident will render First Aid as necessary. 4. As soon as practical or upon instructions from ,Property Manager and Security Officer in Charge will complete a full Security Incident Report and submit to the building top management (AMBIT). 5. In all cases of incidents, building staff will make themselves available to act on the Senior Staff present at the scene, or on the instructions of emergency service personnel. 6. Under no circumstances will any information of the incident be given to the news media or members of the general public.

Any such inquiries should be directed to the authorized client representative of the Property Management Office. 4. TENANT COMPLAINTS 1 . Allocations, requests and comments made by tenants to management staff must be recorded in the complaints register. Wherein telephone operators are vendors outside FCC, these vendors will be advised of the importance of the register and the emergency escalation plan. 2. Failure to record and report on these matters will be considered as an offense that old merit disciplinary actions.

In the event of any complaint or request not being fully or clearly understood the tenant should be asked to make a brief note of the matter for the attention of the Property Manager and Security Officer in Charge. 3. Depending upon the urgency of the matter, Property Manager and Security Officer in Charge is expected to take immediate action to ensure that the matter is efficiently addressed. All complaints, request and comments made by tenants to building staff, right or wrong, shall be handled with politeness and all details recorded thru the Complaints Legislator. 13. FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT 1 .

Copies of the fire regulations issued should be forwarded to all tenants in the property showing the escape route and assembly points where appropriate. 2. All fire fighting equipment within the building will be inspected regularly and any damage reported immediately to the Property Manager and Security Officer in Charge in accordance with the Fire Prevention Inspection Report. 3. Fire alarm bells and warning systems will be tested once each month or in accordance with Standing Orders where applicable. 4. Fire fighting equipment installed in electricity meter switch rooms and lift 5. Machinery rooms will be inspected weekly. . The fire pump room should be kept cleaned and free of obstruction at all times. 7. Fire equipment annual maintenance certificates shall be renewed every year and displayed in the management office. 8. General fire advice manuals should be forwarded to all tenants in an effort to prevent fire. 14. LIFT SERVICES Passenger Lifts 1 . Passenger lifts are provided for all floors and are operated automatically by merely pressing the designated floor buttons. 2. Any case of persistent misuse of the lift by any tenants of the property will be reported to the Property Management Office for action. Passenger lift will be checked at least once per day for damage and general cleanliness. Cleaning staff will be instructed immediately where any special cleaning 4. Children are not permitted to play in the passenger lift or to transport bicycles or other large toys in the lift cars. Any persistent cases of such action will be reported to Property Management Office for action. 5. Passenger Lifts may not be used for Cargo use. 6. All lifts should be regularly serviced (monthly) in accordance with the manufactures recommendations. 7.

Service personnel, maintenance crew and other workmen are permitted to use only the service lift. . Garbage, construction debris or anything that exudes an unpleasant odor or anything which my soil or damage the interior of the elevators are not allowed in the elevators. 9. Smoking, eating, drinking inside the lift(s) and/or playing with the lift controls and doors is strictly prohibited. Service / Goods Lift 1 . There is one (1) service/goods lift, for persons working to convey for cargo purposes or transferring/delivery of office equipment, mechanics, supplies, etc.

Furniture, equipment, large boxes and other heavy items may be transported only in the service lifts provided that the load can be accommodated by the service fit. Otherwise, the fire stairwell should be used. This procedure shall particularly apply to materials, equipment and/or furniture measuring more than Ft length. 2. Service lift will be inspected at least daily and cleaning staff instructed as necessary on general cleaning. 3. Any damage of the lift car should be recorded during inspection and reported to the Property Management Office immediately.

Any damage to the lift and to any other part of the building, caused by the moving or carrying of these articles in the lift will be sole liability of the unit owner and/or lessee responsible for such damage 4. Service lift may be used by cleaning staff for the collection of boxes, bottles or other large articles of refuse only as directed by the Property Manager. Use of the lift for this purpose should be timed to cause minimum inconvenience to tenants. General Lift Guidelines 1 . In the event of lift breakdown, the lift maintenance contractor will be informed immediately.

Any person trapped in the lift(s) will be advised as soon as possible that action has been taken to free them. Maintain contact at all times with the trapped passenger(s) until released. 2. Every case of lift breakdown will be reported to the Property Manager and Property Engineer. 3. In the case of lift breakdown/malfunction this will immediately be reported to the responsible lift maintenance contractor. Orders. 5. Lift alarm bells and intercom systems should be tested weekly and any defects reported to the Property Management Office as soon as possible. 5.

The main passenger lifts are for the exclusive use of the building occupants and their guests. 15. SECURITY OF CAR PARK In recent years, there is an increasing trend of theft of luxury vehicles. Common ways of stealing vehicles are : The most a) To enter directly the Car Park to steal vehicles. B) To drive a stolen vehicle into the Car Park then steal another one. C) To threaten and restrain Car Park Entrance guard to allow theft of several cars. In order to prevent any occurrence of such circumstances, Car Park Entrance Guard shall comply with the following instructions. 1.

Each unit owner/lessee will be issued one (1) sticker for every parking slot assigned to the unit. Only passenger-type vehicles (that is, vehicles for personal use) will be issued stickers. Stickers will not be issued for commercial utility vehicles. 2. All visitors/guest of unit occupants and tenants are to be coordinated with the Administration Office. 3. Parking for tenants is allowed anytime for as long there is an available slots open for them.

The top management may from time to time add to, subtract from, amend or supplement the foregoing policies and guidelines as the exigencies of the situation may require. And regulations of the building at all times: To drive within the building, one must have a valid driver's license. Drivers operating vehicles within the building should observe the Max. Speed limit of 10 kip. Overtaking is prohibited. Drive in the correct lane. Give way to pedestrians. Do not honk indiscriminately. 8. Unit owners and/or lessees should park their vehicles only in their assigned parking spaces.

Vehicles should be parked properly so that each vehicle occupies only one parking slot. 9. Drivers should not park their vehicles in the driveways, ramps or any other area not designated for car parking purposes. Vehicles should not be parked in a manner that may prevent the ready access to any entrance, exit, or parking space by another vehicle. 10. While parked, engines must be turned off to minimize pollution. Playing loud music or any noisy activities are likewise prohibited. 1 1 . Bicycles and other two-wheeled vehicles may be parked in their owners' assigned parking slots. 2. Unit owners/lessees should maintain their parking slots clean at all times, free from mud, debris and drippings. 13. Hose-washing of vehicles is strictly prohibited. "Clean your car boys" are not allowed inside the building, and common area faucets may not be used for vehicle cleaning. 14. Vehicle repair works in any of the common areas is prohibited.