From “Time to Kill” by John Grisham. The extract under study is taken from book “A Time to Kill” by a famous writer John Grisham. In addition, seven more of his novels: The Chamber, The Client, A Painted House, The Pelican Brief, The Rainmaker, Runaway Jury, and A Time to Kill, were adapted as movies. His books have been translated into 29 languages and published worldwide His novels, short stories focus on a wide range of twenty-century issues of topical problems, including law and order, legal system, disputes between citizens and state, impunity. The title “A Time to Kill” express the main idea of extract.

We live in world, which full cruel, rank injustice, violence. In this world everyone must fight for himself, for his family, because if you will not fight you can lose everything. And in difficult situation you would be able to kill anybody for family sake, for example. This is a novel about a street lawyer named Jake Brigance, and Carl Lee Hailey, a father whose daughter was raped by two white men. The plor of the story helps to express it’s theme. The story starts out with a discussion between Jake Brigance and reporters about prisoner Carl Lee Hailey, who shot rapists his daughter Tonya.

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The foolhardy father had a long legal procedure, in which he would could execute, sentence to imprisonment or bring in a verdict of not guilty. But a street lawyer in this story had proven Carl Lee innocent when he was guilty of a murder. I think that we can logically divided this text into three parts. The first parts is introduced us to a case of Carl Lee Hailey and his attorney-at-low Jake Brigance. This part in the text represents a dialogue between lower and reports, where Jake defend his defendant. The second part starts out in a court. It is culmination moment of the plot.

The  tension is growing and Jake continues to uphold the Hailey’s liberty and independence. In his speech we can hear mane stylistic devices, which make his arguments very expressive. For example, rhetorical questions, such as “ Would society miss such productive citizens? Wasn’t Ford Country safer without them? Were not the other children in the country better off now that two rapists and pushers had been removed?... ”, express the emotion of speaker and also call the attention of listeners. The third part is conclusion part, where judge will pass sentence. The mood the action is of great emotion attention.

At the end the jury acquits Carl Lee by reason of temporary insanity. Everybody are happy, and the author show us emotions of people by morphemic repetition: “They was singing, dancing, crying, back-slapping, hugging, thanksgiving, congratulating, cheering…etc”. Both characters Jake Brigance and Carl Lee Hailey are very strong and sure of himself people. I think that Jake serves as a mouthpiece to the author’s ideas. The writer was also able portrait the court room and the trial very well because he used to be a lawyer. I want to tell some words about language. It is not simple, but emphatic and abounds legal terms.