What were the Roman legions?
the roman military forces
Who was Constantine?
Roman emperor; made christianity legal; moved capital to Byzantium (later called Constantinople)
What culture is also known as classical culture?
What did Diocletian do that involved language and the Roman Empire?
Divided the Roman empire in two parts, the latin speaking west and the greek speaking east
What were aqueducts?
water channels that brought water to cities and towns
What was Pax Romana?
a time of peace and prosperity throughout the Roman Empire
Who was Julius Caesar?
Military leader, joined forces with Crassus; voted dictator for life by senate and is later assasinated by senate
What types of people were plebeians?
low class, poor people etc.
Who was Paul?
apostle who had a big influence on christianity; his letters make up the new testament in the bible
Who was Peter?
apostle who became the bishop of rome (pope)
what event ended the trimvirate of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey?
Caesar and Pompey go to war
what were the people's rights under roman law?
-equal treatment -innocetn until proven guilty -punishment for actions, not thoughts
what two classes was there political struggle for power between?
plebians & patricians
what did christians refuse to do that caused roman leaders to dislike them so much?
they refused to worship the roman gods
what languages had their roots in latin?
spanish, french, italian, english (NOT chinese, German or russian)
what is the jewish diaspora?
the forced dispersal of the jews by the romans from jerusalem
3 main resons for the decline in the roman empire
debt/inflation, invasionsn of huns and german tribes, the disruption of trade
what kind of governtment was established and how was it ruled after the etruscan monarch was driven from power?
a republis where citizens elect leaders
what was the emperors purose of dividing the roman empire?
to make it easier to control
who were the consuls in early roman government?
the main executives of the government; 2 kings served 1 year terms
what caused the major conflict between rome and carthage?
control of the western meddeteranian sea
what were the major 3 factors that helped spread christianity throughout the roman empire?
-the religion embraced all people -common language -roman roads
the fear of attack by the huns caused what group to invade rome?
the germanic tribes
describe the roman code of law, the twelve tablets
displayed in the roman forum for all to see that they were protected
where would you find the main sorce of info on the life of jesus of nazareth?
the new testement of the bible
what were the 3 main parts of the roman economy?
trade, slavery & agriculture
who was viewed as the most able emperor?
Julius Caesar
Summariize what rome left for future cultures
architecture, art, language, government, religion, and literature