Economic system based on private ownership and investment
General term for territory in the new world that was created to make money for its European home country.
Favorable balance of trade
Term for when a country sells more good than it buys
Middle Passage
Term for trip across the Altlantic that took slaves from Africa to the Americas
Group of Europeans who created the Plymouth colony
Hernando Cortes
Spanish leader who defeated Aztec Indians
joint-stock company
This is similiar to today's corporation
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conqueror who defeated Inca Indians by kidnapping and killing their king
Spanish for "conquerors", they were Spanish soldiers that explored the Americas and claimed land for Spain
Indian leader who fought colonists in the New World and lost
New France
Colony that covered much of what is now the midwestern United States and eastern Canada
A person of mixed spanish and native american ancestry
Montezuma II
Aztec leader who was resented by his people for how he handled war against conquistodors
Form of Indian Labor used by the spanish in the Americas
Group of settlers who wanted to set up a model community to serve as an example for other Christians
building a fur trade
What was the main motive for the French to establish New France
Which country was the first to import enslaved Africans to the Americas
The prices of goods steadily increased
What was one effect in Europe had on the financial success of American colonies?
Slavery in Africa was not hereditary, so children of slaves were free
How did slavery in Africa and Muslim societies differ from slavery in the Americas?``
An island in the Caribbean Sea
Where did Christopher Columbus land first?
Funding colonies in the Americas
What was the purpose of most of the joint-stock companies of the 1500's and the 1600's?
It should sell more goods than it buiys from other countries
According to policy of mercantilism, how could a nation increase it's wealth?
A part of the Columbian Exchange, which of the following was carried west across the atlantic?
that the Europeans have the right to demand labor
On what assumption was the encomienda based?
He urged better treatment of Native Americans, but proposed using African laborers
How did Bartolome de las casas affect race relations in the Americas?
New Netherland was a "Dutch Wedge" separating England's north and south colonies
Why did the English want to take control of New Netherland?
British North America
Which were the fewest slaves transported throughout the whole of the atlantic slave trade?
French fur traders often married Indian women to the advantage of both parties
What accurately explains the relationship between European groups and Native Americans?
A form of communication by slaves
New York
What was origionally founded as a colony for the Dutch
The spread of Islam into Africa
What helped increase the slave trade in Africa during the seventh century
Many cultures lost their fittest members, and families were torn apart
How was Africa affected by the slave trade
New wealth from the Americas and the growth of overeseas trade
What promoted a wave of new buisiness and trade practices in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries?