What were the 2 main causes of the French Revolution.
Economic problems and social inequality
How many estates where in France
Describe the three estates
1st- clergy 2nd- nobility 3rd- everyone else.
Who controlled much of the wealth in France
1st and 2nd estates
What was the name of the tax in france
The first estate made up what percent of the population, controlled how much of the land and paid how much of the tax?
0.5 percent of population, controlled 10 percent on land,a and payed 0 percent of tax.
2nd estate made up what percent of the population, controlled how much of the land and paid how much of the tax?
1.5 percent, 25 percent of land, and 0 of the taxes
3rd estate made up what percent of the population, controlled how much of the land and paid how much of the tax?
98 percent population, 65 percent land and 100 percent taxs
Q. The burguiose was?
the middle class of the 3rd estate
what were three of the cause of financial crisis
- bad harvests - slowdown in manufacturing - food shortages - rising prices of food - unemployment
who did the French goverment invest large money into
american colonists
Why did the third state have a problem with the voting system
Each estate had 1 vote they could easily be outvoted.
What did the king think payout the system
He favored the system because it benefited him
What did the third estate want to be know as
The National Assembly
Where did they decide to meet to make a new constitution and what was it called
indoor tennis courts and jt was dalled the tennis court oath
what was the anme of the new consitution
Declaration of rights of man and citizens
What were three rights in the new constitution
All men were created equal, appointment to public office was based on talent, freedom of speech and press
Olympe de Gouges refused to?
accept the exclusion of women from the declaration and wrote about it.
What type of monarchy did the new constitution set up
Moderate or radical that controlled the revolution. Did people in France support or oppose
Radical, opposed
what is a faction
dissenting group
In 1792 who rallied the sans collates
Georges Danton
Jean Paul Marat published a journal about what
defending the attacks
Who convinced them to execute Louis xvi
the jacobins
The newly elected constitution met to establish the?
french revolution
The nation convention gave who broad powers
the comittee of public safety
Why would other countries care about the French Revolution
they didnt want it to spread the other countries
The committee of public safety tried to reform French society by
mandating education, abloishing slavery, and controlling prices
The Committee also attempted to de-Christianize France by
- The word "saint" was removed from street signs - In Paris, the cathedral of Notre Dame, the center of the Catholic Religion in France, was designated a "temple of reason".
What was the reign of terror and about how many people were killed
About 40,000 people died. A set of policies set to protect France from threats
Robespierre did what even tho the reign of terror was over?
Arrest and execute anyone would was against revolution
What happened to reign of terror because of his death.
the reign ended
What was the council of 500 in charge of
Drafting laws
To upper of 250 was in charge of
Rejecting or accepting laws. Know as council of elders.
The executive was made up of 5 man committee know as what
the directory
What is a co detat
A sudden overthrow of the goverment
Napoleon was born where
He spent a great time studying.
philosophy and military campaign
What was napoleons good traits that made him a good leader
Speed, surprise, divisiveness
What was napoleons goverment know as
Who had power of goverment
How long was Napoleon made in charge for
What was the name of the new law code the Napoleon set up
civil code
Why would Napoleon fight for principles of revolutionary fought for
so they didnt revolt against him
Government offices were promoted under
merit and talent
How did Napoleon get news about what was going on
Read people's mail, took away newspaper, banned books
Napoleon was a military master of what
Be able to list three of the areas of land or places that Napoleons empire was at
spain, german states, and hollend
What were two liberal ideas
religious toleration and social equality
What did Russia refuse to comply with
continental system
What was the Russian strategy for napoleans invation
Retreat and burn down villages to starve Napoleon army.
How many of the troops return of napoleons army.
Fewer of 40,000 returned of the 600,000 troops
Paris was captured in 1814 Napoleon was exile to what island
Napoleons French army was defeated at what place in Belgium
2 of the relations of the downfall of Napoleon
- Napoleon was never able to defeat Britain due to their superior naval power. - Napoleon tried to weaken the British economically with the continental System, but allied states resented being told by Napoleon that they could not trade with the British.