Sats Course code+name Professor’s name University name City, State Date In the XXI century health issue become very relevant. It is associated with human lifestyle and urbanization. In different countries health issue is shown in different ways, for example, in USA it is adiposity, stress or other.

In the Third World health problem is manifested through fasting, tuberculosis or other diseases, caused by low standard of living. However, people should not forget about their own health and life.Therefore, it would be interesting to make a comparison between people who are not healthy with people who are healthy. Every day there become new diseases throughout the world. The statistic of sick people is terrible.

Most of diseases are caused because of the bad habits and low immunity. Smoking, drinking, eating fast food, bad sleeping causes fatigue, which in turn lowers immunity. Nobody else can force a person to do something harmful for her/himself voluntarily. Nonetheless, every day on the street there are people smoking, eating junk food and all these they are doing to themselves willingly.

Moreover, there are not a lot of people on the streets riding bikes or running. It is the biggest reason of incidence increasing. Most of humans in our world live like one day. However, day by day amount of people who want to be healthy increase. It is also caused because of high disease level.

People do not want to be affected by some virus. Upbringing of healthy lifestyle should be brought from childhood, first of all by physical activity. Physical activity for young children also helps improve motor skills, coordination, strength, dexterity and flexibility (Durr 2012).In our today’s world parents should think about their children’s health and first of all by their own example.

In conclusion it would be appropriate to say that being health is very important. No money can return us health. Furthermore, it is very pleasant to run and listen to music, or to swim in the river. When you are healthy, you are in a good mood and then the world smiles to you.

Reference List Durr, O 2012, It’s not about childhood obesity it’s about being healthy for life, Copyright, Inspiring voices, Bloomington.