federal deficit
the difference produced with the government spends more than it collects during a year
a policy in South Africa of complete separation of the races
nation building
the support of developing governments in foreign countries
genetic engineering
the act of working on genes to change or copy them
a condition in which countries are members of a world community
Iraq is defeated in Persian Gulf War in what year
what group supported Ronald Reagan for president
conservative groups such as the moral majority
what crisis did Reagan face in 1981
getting shot, strike by federal air traffic controllers which led to him ordering them back to work because they were a vital part of the country running
what were some effects of Reagan's economic plan
positive effects - inflation is going down, jobs were created at a rapid pace negative effects - the deficit increased due to military spending
what is supply-side economics
to increase the supply of money, to invest and create new goods and services
how did Reagan deal with the Soviet Union during his first and second terms
first term - large spending on defense, B1 bomber and MX missiles and strategic Defense initiative (SDI); military strength increased and Soviets were forced to spend more money on their military to keep up with the US causing shortages in their basic needs like food, shoes, and paper goods Second term - Gorbachev wanted to make changes in Soviet. Talks with Reagan and develops the INF ( intermediate range nuclear forces) Treaty reducing the number of nuclear missiles in both countries
Moral Majority
a conservative group that promoted family values
the Iran-Contra hearings were held by Congress to
learn who was responsible for the sale of weapons to Iran
President Reagan extended his conservative policies by reshaping what
the Supreme Court
the federal deficit increased during Reagan's presidency why?
he spent a great deal of money on the military
Ronald Reagan
former California governor who won the presidential election of 1980
John Hinckley Junior
tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan by shooting him in 1981
William Rehnquist
improve the efficiency of the Supreme Court, cut its caseload and led the court in making many conservative rulings
Walter Mondale
the Democratic Party candidate for the presidential election in 1984
Geraldine Ferraro
the first woman to run for vice president on the ticket of a major political party
Mikhail Gorbachev
during Reagan's second term this man became the leader of the Soviet Union; called for a policy of glasnost`
why did George Bush change his mind about raising taxes
to reduce the deficit
what two important laws help disabled veterans and the environment
Americans with disabilities act and the clean air act of 1970
what major events took place in Eastern Europe and South Africa during the late 1980s and 90s
Berlin wall opens, African national conference (ANF) worked to end apartheid laws
what happened to the US economy during the Clinton years
the economy rose and people created businesses have invested in stock. There were a record low poverty rates
how did Clinton respond to the conflict in Bosnia
he and other NATO forces bombed the Serbs multiple times, then Clinton brought opposing groups together and they came up with the Dayton peace agreement which ended the air attacks
what was unique about the election of 2000
Gore won the popular vote but Clinton won the electoral vote so Clinton became president
how did Americans react to the events of September 11, 2001
rescuers risked their lives to save others, made the grief of strangers their own
George H Bush
Reagan's former vice president who won the presidential election in 1988
Manuel Noriega
ruler of Panama who was heavily into international drug trading
Saddam Hussein
leader of Iraq who attacked Kuwait
the former Soviet Union
William Clinton
the Democrat who won the presidential election in 1992
H Ross Perot
gave the most votes of any third party candidate in history in 1992
a small country where Croats, Muslims, and Serbs work for
Tom Ridge
first person to be appointed to the newly formed Department of Homeland Security
construction of the international space station began in
Boris Yeltsin
elected president of Russia in 1981
what are some recent advances in space exploration
working with other countries to build an international spaceship, using high-powered telescope and possible solutions to use less fuel. Telescopes that operate in space and send pictures back to the earth
one of the earliest models of workable computer came in 1946 and was called the electronic numerical integrator and computer ENIAC
how do the economics of other countries affect the US economy
governments and businesses have economic partnership and ties in other parts of the world
how does globalization affect the United States
US goods are now located in other parts of the world
what are some areas of the workforce that can be expected to grow in the future
automated jobs, manufacturing jobs, skilled workers with technical skills
how has immigration patterns change since the early twentieth century
they would enter at the port of Chicago, stay in Chicago. Now they are migrating to suburbs
what steps have people taken to stop or slow damage to the environment
the Treaty of Kyoto was written to slow down global warming
what steps are being taken to combat disease
the World Health Organization
how might the United States be expected to face future challenges
draw strength from diversity and commitment to freedom and equality