Describe three types of sensing and feeling
1.Contact through five senses 2.What the person feels inside 3.Third is fantasy
Choose materials that have good aesthetic potential
1.Choose material that children can explore with their senses.( tough,sight,smell) 2.Choose materials that children can manipulate(twist,bend,cut,color,mark) 3.Choose materials that can be used in different ways( thrown,bounced,built with, fastened, shaped.) 4. What is done with them become there personal statements.
List six guidelines to use in talking with children about their artwork
1.Ask questions aimed at helping the children reach out for and get the payoff they are seeking for. 2.Avoid two many ready made or models or ways of doing things. 3. Be positive and creative when using models or examples. 4.Help children select materials they prefer. 5. Help children hunt for Aesthetic qualities 6. Help children experience basic elements of art such as line,rhythm, and contrast in many art forms.
Teachers and parents explore this aesthetic potential by
1. Concentrating on process and not the product. 2.The teacher can give supportive and gentle guidance by asking helpful questions avoiding to many ready made models, and helping children hunt for aesthetic qualities.