High unemployment and inflation
Camp David accords
Carter, peace negotiation between Egypt and Iran
Spiro Agnew
Nixon, his VP had to resign
Archibald Cox
Special prosecutor for watergate scandal
Helsinki accords
Ford, between Eastern and Western Europe (agreement)
Ayatollah Khomeini
Iran religious leader
John Sirica
Judge for watergate trial
O.P.E.C. ( Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
Cut off aid (oil) to the US because of involvement of Juan Kipper war
Mayaguez Affair
Ford, us merchant ship seized by Cambodia, more die than are saved
S.A.L.T. 1 (strategic arms limitation talk)
Nixon, reduction of antiballistic with Soviet Union
No second term, Iran hostage crisis, National Energy Act, Panama deal, human rights policies, affirmative action
Nixon, bugging of national democratic head quarters, scandal
Down turn of economic cycle, Nixon, Ford, Carter
Stagflation, revenue sharing, new federalism, FAP, O.P.E.C., watergate, southern strategy
Southern Strategy
Nixon, to gain southern votes by stalking civil rights
Family Assistance Plan (FAP)
Nixon, each family guaranteed a fixed income, not passed
No second term, mayagueze Affair, Whip Inflation Now, unelected president and VP, used Kissinger for negotiations with China, vetoes 50+ pieces if legislation
Friendly understanding between Soviet Union and US to ease Cold War tensions
Moral/Human rights
Carters foreign policy, alienated more people than it helped, nations threatened to cut off people trade
EPA ( Environment protection program)
Government helps protect the environment
H.R. Haldman
Nixon's aid, resigns
Edited tapes
Nixon turns over after some pressure, conversations from White House
Affirmative action
Providing women and minorities federal jobs, reverse discrimination against white men
John Dean
Testifies against Nixon to senate saying Nixon was involved in watergate
Revenue sharing
State and local agencies t spend federal funds how they see fir
Whip Inflation Now (W.I.N.)
Fords plan to bring inflation down
Iran hostage incident
Carter, US members captured and held hostage in Iran
3 mile island
Nuclear power plant machine over heats, stops building of more nuclear plants
Earth Day
1970, day to celebrate Earth and environment
Unedited tapes
Tapes Supreme Court orders Nixon to turn over
Carter, Panamanians get ownership of Panama Canal
Strategy used by Nixon, foreign policy based on power
James McCord
Turns over to judge, letter saying he lied under oath
Henry Kissinger
Secretary of State for Nixon, helps develop foreign policies
Rachel Carson
"Silent Spring" boon about how harmful pesticides are to the environment
S.A.L.T 2
Armed limitations, doesn't happen, Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan
No second term
Ford & Carter don't get elected for second term
New federalism
Nixon, sharing of federal power with state
John Erlichman
Nixon's advisor who had to resign