Does Edmund get to eat more Turkish Delight? Why or Why not?
No. The witch lied to Edmond. He also didn't bring his siblings.
Why did the beavers and the other children run away when they discovered Edmund missing?
They know he is headed for the witch
Describe Father Christmas. Why is his appearance a sign that the witch's spell is breaking?
He looks like and is Santa Claus. His appearance is a sign that the witch's power is fading.
What gifts does Father Christmas give to who?
Peter: sword and shield. Susan: bow, arrows, and horn. Lucy: a healing cordial.
Where is the witch taking Edmund? Why?
Stone Table to kill him.
What changes are happening in the weather? why?
The snow melts because spring arrives.
Is Edmund ever going to be King of Narnia?Why?
No. The witch was tricking him to get Edmund and his siblings together to kill them all and stop the prophacy.
Describe Aslan and the creatures on his side.
Aslan is the great lion with many creatures on his side including the cheetahs, unicorns, centaurs, leopards, dryads, and naiads,
What does Aslan show Peter?
Cair Paravel castle because Peter will reign there as king
How did Peter "win his spurs?"
Peter saves Susan by killing the wolf, Fenris Ulf.
List all the creatures on the witch's side.
Dwarves, wolves, ogres, cruels, hags, incubuses, wraiths, horrors, efreets, sprites, orknies, wooses, and ettins
What does the witch prepare to do to Edmund?
Kill him
What is the deep magic from the dawn of time?
For every treachery, the witch has the right to a kill
What does Aslan do to save Edmund?
Aslan allows himself to be killed instead
Who are the last two people to see Aslan alive?
Susan and Lucy
What was the deeper magic from before the dawn of time?
When a willing victim who has committed NO treachery is killed in the place of a traitor, the stone table will crack and death itself would work backwards.
What do Aslan, Susan, and Lucy do after Aslan revives? Where do they go?
They run around and play. Then, they go to the White witch's castle.
Explain what happens at the Witch's house. How is Aslan's power the opposite of the witch's?
Aslan breathes on the statues and bring them back to life. Aslan has the power of life, while the witch has only the power of death.
Where do Aslan and the "statues" go when they leave the witch's house? How do they get out?
They go to find the battle between Peter's army and the witch's army. The giant knocked down the gates.
What is the decisive moment of the battle?
Edmund destroyed the witch's wand. Aslan arrives and kills the witch.
How does Edmund prove to be a hero in the battle? Who tells Aslan about this?
Edmund destroys the witch's wand. Peter tells Aslan.
After the battle, what new positions do the children assume?
Kings and Queens of Narnia
How do the children get back to the professor's house in England?
They are hunting years later in Narnia and find the lamp post. They then go back through the wardrobe.