John Smith coined the name
New England
reactions from historians about John Smith
he was a boastful bully or an early American hero
the Virginia Company
the group of investors hoping for huge profits from their New World
The first president of Jamestown died and the next two were
deposed (removed from office suddenly and forcefully)
the excerpt we read from John Smith's historical narrative describes
Jamestown colony's struggle for survival and Smith's leadership conflicts
common kettle
food that was available to everyone
number of men transplanted into the Virginia wilderness in May 1607
5 members of Jamestown's ruling council
Winfield, Gosnold, Ratcliffe, Kendall and John Smith
within 10 days of the ships going back to England for supplies
the colonists who were left behind became extremely weak and sick
the Jamestown settlers would never have survived
if the Native Americans didn't help them
John Smith wrote the story in the third person
so his claims would sound like the observations of a neutral party
if John Smith would've written the account in first person
he would've sounded boastful
Out of the 100 men that arrived in Virginia in May 1607, how many died by September (about 3 months later)
50 (half of them)
this is how Ratcliffe became president
Wingsfield (1st president) was deposed (removed from rule), so was Kendal and Gosnold was dead
Smith (and the Europeans of that time) viewed Native Americans as
uncultured savages and stern barbarians
Smith executed him for trying to steal the colony's ship and sail for England
Captain Kendall
Captain Gabriel Archer
didn't support Smith, abandoned the colony and then returned
when Smith was attacked by 200 "savages" he killed two and used this as his shield to protect him
he tied his Native American guide to his arm and used him
two great stones were brought before Powhatan
to rest the head of John Smith upon them so they could use clubs "to beat out his brains"
King Powhatan's beloved daughter
what Pocahontas SUPPOSEDLY did for John Smith (this story is not confirmed to be true)
took his head in her arms and laid upon him to save him from death (being clubbed to death)
two days after Pocahontas SUPPOSEDLY saved John Smith
Powhatan gave Smith control of a nearby village and promised to think as highly of him as he did his own son
in his historical narrative, John Smith creates an almost mythic
self-portrait of a strong and successful leader
How does Smith become Powhatan's captive?
he is attacked by Powhatan Indians while exploring the Chickahominy River
What happened to Smith during his stay with Powhatan?
sentenced to death, saved by Pocahontas, a ceremony confirms his as Powhatan's ally
according to Smith he is not responsible for George Cassen's death
because he told the men to stay put and they disobeyed, inviting attack
according to Smith he is not responsible for Robinson and Emry's death
because they fell asleep... and he had to fight 200 warriors before his capture
force someone in authority out of office
you're begging or pleading for something
hard work; diligence
period in between
to soothe; to reduce in intensity
"He that will not work shall not eat."
famous quote by John Smith