Who succeeded Alexander II
Alexander III
Who clung to the principles of autocracy
Alexander III and Nicholas II
man who imposed strict censorship codes, had secret police and sent prisoners to Siberia, and targeted Jews for persecution
Alexander III
who became the czar in 1894
Nicholas II
How did Russia finance Russian modernization
raising taxes, finding foreign investors
Why did workers start to organize strikes
the government outlawed trade unions
what did the Marxist revolutionaries believe
working class would overthrow the czar
one group of Marxist revolutionaries that wanted a broad base of popular support for the revolution
group of Marxist revolutionaries that were willing to sacrifice everything for change
man who was the major leader of the Bolsheviks, waited in Europe until he could return to Russia safely, was snuck back in to Petrograd to fuel revolution
event where people protested outside Czars house and soldiers open fired and killed over 1000 people
Bloody Sunday
happened on January 22, 1905
Bloody Sunday
what was Russias Firs parliament
the Duma
why did Nicholas dissolve the Duma after ten weeks
they wanted a constitutional monarchy, he was unwilling to give up power
what happened in 1914 in Russia
Nicholas II dragged Russia into world war I where over 4 million people died
Who ran the government while Nicholas was away and fell under the spell of rasputin
Czarina Alexandra
man who was a self proclaimed holy man and was murdered by nobles in 1916
workers led a citywide strike which forced the Czar to step down and then he was executed
March revolution (1917)
Provisional Government
Temporary government
who led the provisional government in Russia and decided to continue fighting in World War I
Alexander Kerensky
local councils consisting of peasants, workers and soldiers that had more influence than the provisional government
What was Lenins slogan
"peace, Land, bread"
who stormed the Winter palace in Petrograd in November 1917 and arrested the leaders of the provisional government
the Bolshevik Red Guards
why did many Russians object to the Bolsheviks
the signing of the Treaty or Brest-litovsk
what groups made up the White Army
groups who supported the czar, or wanted democracy or socialists who opposed Lenin
Who led the Bolshevik Red Army and crushed all opposition which showed that they could seize power and maintain it
Leon Trotsky
what revolution was the Russian one similar too because it attempted to destroy existing social and political structures
French Revolution
What did the NEP allow
peasants to sell surplus of crops, government keep control over major businesses but some could be private, encouragement of foreign investment
What was Russia named in 1922
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
what did the Bolsheviks rename themselves because of the writings of karl marx
Communist party
man who was cold, hard, and impersonal. "man of steel". was in complete control of Communist party after lenin died and banished Trotsky, held absolute power
Joseph Stalin
man who led the workers protests outside the Winter palace before soldiers were ordered to open fire on them in Russia
Father Gapon