Which philosopher believed that sense perceptions and observations are essential for knowledge? A. Socrates B. Plato C. Hippocrates D. Aristotle
D. Aristotle
Sigmund Freud learned about his patients by conducting experiments in his laboratory.
Which philosopher suggested that the mind and body are separate but that a link exists between them? A. John Locke B. Plato C. René Descartes D. Aristotle
René Descartes
Functionalism is the school of thought that studies the function and purpose of consciousness and behavior.
William James was one of the leading founders of which school of thought? A. behaviorism B. functionalism C. structuralism D. psychoanalysis
B. functionalism
__________ is the school of psychology that believes perception is more than the sum of its parts—it involves a whole pattern. A. Behaviorism B. Structuralism C. Functionalism D. Gestalt psychology
D. Gestalt psychology
__________ is the systematic self-observation and analysis of one's conscious experience. A. Interrogation B. Introgression C. Internalization D. Introspection
D. Introspection
According to Freud, slips of the tongue __________. A. occur when a person is unconscious B. prove that people are forgetful when unconscious C. represent a meaningful unconscious thought D. are the mind's way of expressing conscious desires
C. represent a meaningful unconscious thought
The first formal laboratory for research in psychology was established by B. F. Skinner.
Which of the following statements is not true about Hippocrates? A. He believed that the body has four bodily fluids that directly affect health and personality. B. He thought that mental illness occurred when the four humors were in proper balance. C. He suggested that all diseases, including mental illness, have natural causes. D. He separated medicine from superstition, which is why he's called "the father of medicine."
B. He thought that mental illness occurred when the four humors were in proper balance.