Reneging Write a 400 - 600 word essay responding to the following question. "In spite of criticisms by some revisionist historians, Christopher Columbus, and other sixteenth century explorers, acted with a daring and courage that brought both wealth and pride to their patron nations. By viewing these men within the context of the historical periods in which they lived, they truly deserved to be called heroes. " To what extent is the above statement true? FRR- In response to the truthfulness of aforementioned statement, many factors must be oaken into consideration.For example, if the act that led to the fame and glory of an explorer was actually founded in logic and science or if it was luck that led to their discovery and subsequent recognition.

Also, one would have to consider the difference between their motives and the actual findings. For example, if they accomplished what they set out to do or if they ultimately failed in the mission they attempted to accomplish. There are two explorers that this response is based on, Christopher Columbus (Cristal Colon) and Ferdinand Magellan.Many attribute Christopher Columbus with daring and ingenuity for having the initiative to sail into the unknown and discover North America. In reality, however, it was a mission doomed to failure. He ignored the (accurate) counsel of the top scientists of his day, insisting that his hypothesis that the world is round (true) was possible but if it was true then there would be an arc much larger than his calculations indicated between Rupee's west tip to the east of Asia, specifically India.

Had he not stumbled uponNorth America, which he thought was India, (Hence Native Americans being referred to as Indians) his men would have mutinied or perished from dehydration or starvation. His folly led to an accidental discovery of a new continent, but was not based on his greatness. Rather, it was based on his ignorance and stubbornness. Magellan, a later explorer, had accurate information and actually planned his entire voyage to the point that he did not actually have to be present to complete it.

This was fortunate for his crew as he perished en route during the Battle of McCann.His decision was well founded and he had a clear goal, which he ultimately accomplished establishing a new route to the Spice Islands (known as the Makeup Islands today). He was the first to circumnavigate the globe and to cross an unknown ocean which he named (Mare Pacifism or Peaceful Sea) Christopher Columbus' motive was to find a quicker way to reach India and he set out with this in mind. When he reached North America he was overjoyed believing he had accomplished the impossible. He wanted to prove his superiority to those scientists who disagreed with his hypothesis.

In the end, however, they were right in many ways and he was incorrect. He had failed his mission and had been proven wrong. But the magnitude of his discovery overshadowed this. People soon forgot that was not his original purpose and accredited him much more than he deserved. He was more daring than educated which if not for chance would have resulted in his demise.

Magellan, on the other hand, was basically his polar opposite. He was an accomplished astronomer whose knowledge made it possible to accurately and instantly map the skies to allows sailors to safely pilot their ships.He actually discovered what we now know are two dwarf galaxies. This education and his intellect allowed him to successfully navigated to the Spice Islands and back to Spain.

He died without fulfilling his purpose, however, his careful planning and well-drawn maps led to the expedition being a complete success as the crew was able to continue without the orchestrated of their voyage. He was an intelligent, skilled navigator and deserves the respect and renown people gave him. Christopher Columbus set out to find a new route to India.He failed due to poor planning and miscalculations but was forever remembered for the discovery of a continent he didn't mean to find. Magellan was an educated, astronomer who used his skills to circumnavigate a globe that had never previously been traversed in such a way and is properly remembered for it.

Based on this analysis, the validity of the statement would have to be applied to each explorer individually. Some should be remembered as daring, resourceful heroes and some Just for the enormity of their discovery.