Amazon Rainforest
This large area of Brazil has been deforested since the 1990s.
The systematic removal of all vegetation in order to provide farmland to increase a nations productivity. The Amazon Rainforest is an example.
American and French Revolutions
These political events greatly influenced the political struggles for political independence.
Columbian Exchange
This is the introduction of new foods to both Europe and the Americas promoted economic growth.
Ecomienda System
This colonial agricultural system awarded native lands to colonial land elites in order to produce cash crops.
Spanish soldiers who helped conquer the native American populations of Aztecs and Incas.
This Spanish conquistador conquered the Inca Empire.
This Spanish conquistador conquered the Aztec Empire
Simon Bolivar
A.K.A. "The Great Liberator", this Latin American nationalist lead an independence movement against the Spanish Empire
Triangular Trade
This economic system of trade between Europe - Africa - Latin America, depended on the slave trade to the Western Hemisphere.
Andes Mountains
This geographic feature of South America played a major role in shaping the political environment of that continent.
This fertile region in South America is known for raising cattle and producing agriculture.
Porfirio Diaz
This late 19th century president fell from power during the Mexican Revolution.
Emiliano Zapata
This Mexican nationalist led the forces against the Diaz government during the Mexican Revolution
Miguel Hidalgo
This Mexican nationalist led Mexico to independence.