As we live in 21st century prostitution has been like an everyday good a market can offer. Economist view prostitution as performing a business activity.

However, the problem is still around. The demand for prostitution is continually growing. What still surprises the people is that not only the homeless and starving people choose this path as a career but also young generation do as well. In some countries there are underage children that have been kidnapped or have been lost and found by people and force them into prostitution.Parents concern is that why do their children have to grow up with opinion about prostitution as a source of receiving money to survive in this world.

It has turned out to be one of the most important trades in the world. Several poor countries are forced into prostitution or have no choice of other jobs turn to prostitution as a support during their economic difficulties. When a person thinks they don’t have enough education and knowledge to get a job, he or she will think of prostitution, which is easier to join the labour force. People view prostitution as a simple way to make money.

Although it does leave a negative look for the society but in fact it has been recognized as popular “job” for many people, which is in fact cannot be ignored by others. People usually believe that it’s mostly woman in the prostitution market but when in reality, men are the ones that are considered to be the more important part of the high demand. Prostitution is when an individual offers to have sex and get a wage for it. When they exchange money for sexual service.

Prostitution business revolves around performing sex by the opposite gender.Opportunity cost of woman choosing prostitution is marriage. In reality a woman cannot be a wife and a prostitute at the same time. By choosing that as a career they are making a rational choice by deciding that prostitution is better off for them than other jobs and also forgone marriage life. Even though prostitution has been increasing in popularity there is a certain restriction that needs to meet the society’s moral. Prostitutes can’t get any support from publicity and it has to be performed in a certain place.

Now a day’s prostitution is considered more of a profession, just like a doctor, police office, and many others. When prostitution is considered as a profession this means they become a taxpayer like the rest of the professionals out there. Having a legal status for prostitution, the government has a benefit out this; reason being more income means more taxing paying which would go to the government at the end of the day. This makes us view prostitution as a business activity. When the service or task has been done you get cash in return, where it becomes systematic income.Even though prostitution does contribute income and high demand, but choosing prostitution as a career is irrational.

According to Dr. John Lowman stated “prostitution is considered as a potential source of renewing the budge of Canada. But there are also other reasons for not becoming a prostitute except the tax-pension side of the issue”. Another problem is the risk that is associated with being in the prostitution business.

They can spread venereal diseases because they don’t do a proper medical checkup. This places the prostitution as a risk or danger occupation, and choosing a high-risk occupation is irrational.There has been a study stating that pimps play a big role in prostitution business. Pimps pay a higher rate to prostitutes compared to a prostitute that doesn’t have a pimp. It has also been noticed that if a prostitute has a pimp they would be getting paid more but would have less work at the same time.

This is possible because of the most in-demand workers. These prostitutes roughly make four times compared to other work forces. Even though they get to see more money than other workers out there they still miss out some critical benefits others has that they don’t get.That is the risk associated with this job, some common known risks are STD and there are many health issues that occur in this particular job.

Some might get assaulted; research has shown to be at least once a month a sex worker is assaulted on average. Which shows to be it isn’t one of the safest ways to make money. Prostitutes also face issues from police office from being arrested. By legalizing prostitution, prostitutes would be forced to drop their price. Since its legal many people would want to join that market which means more competition.

This doesn’t give them another choice but to lower their prices. One of the main tools for a market is competition. If the competition is lower in the market then there is a low opportunity of the client to choose others. If she doesn’t give the client provide more for less money, he might find some other prostitute that will. Economists indicated that prostitution is a monopolistic market with a downward sloping demand curve. If they can sell one more unit of their good at the same price of the last one, which means they can optimize their price.

Supply and demand plays a key role when it comes to prostitution because of the high volume of demand for sexual service and demand is what supplies woman pushes becomes the demand and men become the supply. Men buy by paying cash and women sell themselves for cash. Prostitution has an earning that is massive that they don’t have to turn to any other additional financing for budgeting. The reason for prostitution increase and growth in a large scale compared to previous years has to do with tourists that are seeking sexual services.As we know prostitution is that woman sell and men buy but economists stated that prostitution most likely will lose clients when men’s income increases. Needs and wants for prostitutes are men and money, but they share a competition when it comes to men.

Especially to married men, they’re competing with the married men’s wives in order for them to make an earning. One advantage that wives have that gives them a step higher then prostitute is the fact they can produce children, which can only come from the father.When men’s income starts to increase they tend to have superior good by nature and they choose to buy the cheaper good. Logically to reduce prostitution, if women’s income and opportunity are great you can see less prostitution in that particular place. If that doesn’t work, increasing both men and women have an increase in income will have better results.

Prostitution has been decreased in recent years. In conclusion in today’s society prostitution is no shocker. It can be found roughly every corner of the street and mainly in major cities.Many people choose to go into prostitution of money problem to support them selves or family. This is one of the professions that make enormous money with little to none budgeting required and doesn’t need any additional financing help. The profit of prostitution is really benefitting to the government, since it has been legalized the income they make some percentage is paid tax to government.

Prostitution has a market behind which means more cash flow, in return more tax payable to the government. There are some down side to being a prostitution that needs to be revealed.Even though prostitution is considered to be a business and also considered as a professional, there are some key elements that are missing. First being there is no medical coverage so if they affected with any disease and need treatment or any other medical related issues, they would have to pay out of their own pocket. Second being there is no social security even though you are paying tax. If the sex workers were given the opportunity to get some education or find a decent salary they would have never considered prostitution as a job.

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