I looked at a Range of Sources and many in each type of media area. The range was varied and included Television, film, radio programmes and CD Media. I didn't look specifically at Non-Christian or Christian material, as I wouldn't have got a balanced view of Religion in the Media. So I looked at a mixture of both types.

The most enjoyable and interesting pieces of media were television programmes and films. Especially Field of Dreams and Father Ted. These are of both types of material.Christian and Non- Christian. They were enjoyable as they never forced a religious message butt did clearly displaying what should be done as a Christian.

The least enjoyable piece of media for me was the television programme songs of praise and the Christian music delirious. These were both of specifically Christian material and of music substance. I found both quite boring and made me feel quite patronised. I did feel very pressurised whilst listening and watching to behave as a good Christian.

I did find that the way Christianity changed depending on the media. If it was a film then it was generally made humorous. But not mocking Christianity in anyway. And sometimes allowed the audience to make up their minds up about how they viewed religion themselves.

On the other hand religion and Christianity on the television was viewed in and displayed in a very different manor. It was dealt with very seriously on a specifically Christian programme and mainly directed at an age range of the over 40's to elderly age.It rarely involved younger people. Non-religious and Christian programmes the religious figures were made fun of in the form of jokes and pranks towards them, these characters are often older and a little of the wall or conforming to a stereotype.

On Radio and in Music religion in both types are displayed in many ways and neither of the people of religion or the subject of religion dealt with in a stereotypical way.