According to a study by a think-tank the Institute for Public Policy Research shows that UK teenagers are struggling to cope and are among the most badly behaved in Europe.

But still there are more and more British teenagers who leave school with great qualification and go to university, and young people who have access to an amazing variety of activities and opportunities. But still British teenagers are among the most badly behaved in Europe, they commit crimes, and one in ten teenage girl is doing self-harm.In the UK they have seen that changes in family structures are most likely the cause of these misbehaviours seen in UK teenagers. In the text they tell us that the key is that teenagers grow up in a warm and caring environment with a lot of parents or adults interacting in the children and teenagers life.

But the text also states that it does not have to be a nuclear family, although statically a married and biological family does better than other families like a cohabit family or a single-parent family.I think that the statement that social skills are as important, if not more important, than academic qualifications is true, because some people are school smart and get really good grades in school, but the second they step out into the real world, they might realize that they have a lot of common knowledge and are very inexperienced of the world. I believe that if you come to a job interview and hands them a paper with all your good grades, and maybe even a perfect CV but no social skills at all, then there is a slight possibility that they will give the job to someone more social skills experience in that field.People who are still in school and want to have a better chance of getting a great career, or their dream job, then they should go look for experience in other work places associated in their work field. So when they go out and apply for a job after university they will have a better chance to get the job and feel a lot more ready to start working and be more aware of what they are getting into.