All the time women had been underestimated in societies. Their jobs were only to be a house wife.

Also they were not allowed to be educated. In other words, they were convinced that this is men’s world. But in the last three decades, women have proven themselves that they have limited abilities in every field. Their achievements in business, politics and communities made people change their minds towards women. For this reason, we need more women in power to work and become leaders because they have equal skills just like men, as well as, working will bring up the strong capabilities of women.First of all, to create a better world, societies need more women in higher positions because their abilities are just men.

In the last three decades, their achievements have shown that they are smart, creative and ambitious as much as men. Moreover, their energies to compete men in workforce have almost succeeded. According to Luscombe(2013) from 1980 till 2012, women labor had increased rapidly ,reaching 49% of the workforce, almost half of the workforce. In addition, women labor proved that they should be like men.

They didn’t stop only demanding seats in workplaces; they also increased their salaries to near men’s salaries. According to Paramaguru(2013), a survey shows that women workers in the age of 25-34 are approximately getting paid like men. So women have always defended for equality, and now they have reached that goal, and they are looking forward to get higher positions. Secondly, the word needs the power of women not only to bring the equality and justice, but also to get benefits from them because they have many capabilities which haven’t been discovered yet.In addition, having women in power will make work places a better space to communicate and share new ideas because they have another type of view for problems, as well as, their ambitious will lead them to become leaders.

As mentioned in Women and power: How to get some(n. d) “ A 2007 Catalyst study found that companies with at least three women on the board of directors perform significantly better than those without women in high positions.It's not that women are better than men; it's that we bring different life experience and problem-solving skills to the table” (para 4). Moreover, women have also proved that they have got extra abilities in some fields. For example, when they were allowed to study, get higher education and be enrolled in universities, it showed that their abilities in learning and graduating are much better than men.

As luscombe(2013) claims that in the age of 25-34, a survey showed that 36% of women have college degrees, compared to men which only 28% of them have college degrees.So helping women to reach the top will be great benefit for the whole world. However, some people think that women should not be in power because it is not suitable for them. They aren’t able to lead or manage jobs in higher positions because they don’t have stable life, and any unexpected situation such as birds, marriages, it might be a problem to continue their work. According to Sandberg(2013)” When she returns to the work place after her child is born, she is likely to feel less fulfilled, underutilized or unappreciated.At this point, she probably scales her ambitious back ever further since she no longer believes that she can get to the top” (para 8).

In addition, when a woman becomes a leader, it makes her change her personality, as Sandberg(2013) claims that when they are on the top, they become aggressive ,selfish, political and unreliable. It’s better for women to succeed in house instead of failing in both: Work and family. Well, of course people who are against women in power will radically judge and make them be only involved in house work.However, strong women will break the rules because their ambitious are much more than that. As Sandberg (2013) shows that there are some hard decisions like letting babies with babysitters. But once a woman decides to work, she will challenge everything to get what she wants.

Hence, house work will not be a problem. Furthermore, some people have the tendency of stereotyping; they judge everything by gender and appearance. It is understandable because they are not used to see women in power.But at the end they will be used to it.

According to Sandberg(2013). The solution to eliminate this kind of stereotyping towards women will be by letting everyone know the kind of hardships women go through to be successful in their lives. Furthermore, women will always continue their work to achieve their goals. In short, the achievements of women in the last three decades have proven that they can compete and be beside men to develop societies and to bring a better environment than we are living now.