The term, "Designer baby" is used mostly by the media to describe the selection of an embryo with specific chromosomes which produces a baby of either chosen sex or with certain genetic features.

This Is both excellent and frightening at the same time. Also have a lot of ethical Issues on designer babies. There are several arguments against a designer baby.These Include: PEG to prevent a genetic disorder, people with genetic disorders are inferior, it involves destroying embryos that are healthy, you aren't helping the child, and it's done to aka parents life easier, the parents may regret it later, we don't know the risk of PEG yet and it is treating a human life as a thing. PUGS for gender selection is another.These include: PUGS is using a technique, designed to prevent the most serious disorders in a trivial way, parents should love their child no matter the gender, if everyone did it, there may lead to more boys than girls, may lead to sexual discrimination and destroying healthy embryos Just because of their gender, technology could be misused and last but not least Its unnatural.

'unlike cons there are only a few pros of designer baby. These Include: TO prevent genetic disorders, can level of boy/gal. ratio, satisfies parents, can make baby smarter and parents get to have the baby of their dreams.The weakness of this Is Instead of using It as a pre- implantation process, parents are now using it for a cosmetic screening. This means families are picking traits for their baby. Like hair color, eye color and gender.

Some strengths are that this technology was designed for parents to prevent hereditary genetic disorders and also if you have a previous child that is sick, it could create a match for the sick child. The view I agree with is that baby designing shouldn't exist. I feel this way because I feel no one should be playing God.God has a purpose and plan for everyone. Also since the cost of baby designing is around 180,000 dollars only the rich families will have "perfect children".

Which means families that are poor will have a 50/50 chance with Mother Nature, which Is unfair. You should love your child no matter what. I feel It was first designed to be good then turned to make parents happy because they had a choice In the matter. To me this means the technology is being misused.

It is also unnatural. Having a child is suppose to be and feel natural.So I think baby designers shouldn't be available! Baby designing has many pros and cons, but the question still remains of whether it is right or wrong. According to Boston University bioethics George Anna's," It could radically change our view of human life, our view of children, our view of parenthood, our view of relationships to each other and what it means to be human". It can only be hoped this technology will be used responsibly.