Communications management plan
A document that guides project communications.
Identify stakeholders
Plan communications
Distribute information, and manage stakeholder expectations
Monitoring and Controlling
Report performance
Five basic modes for handling Conflicts
Confrontation, Compromise, Smoothing, Forcing, Withdrawal, and Collaborating.
Easy to use journals on the Web that allow users to write entries, create links, and upload pictures, while readers can post comments to journal entries.
Collaborating mode
A conflict-handling mode where decision makers incorporate different viewpoints and insights to develop consensus and commitment.
Compromise mode
Using a give and take approach to resolving conflicts; bargaining and searching for solutions that bring some degree of satisfaction to all the parties in a dispute.
Confrontation mode
Directly facing a conflict using a problem-solving approach that allows affected parties to work through their disagreements.
Expectations management matrix
A tool to help understand unique measures of success for a particular project.
Forcing mode
Using a win-lose approach to conflict resolution to get one's way.
Used to predict future project status and progress based on past information and trends.
Google Docs
Online applications offered by Google that allow users to create, share, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online.
Conformance to the values or ethical standards of a group
A matter under question or dispute that could impede project success.
Issue log
A tool to document and monitor the resolution of project issues
Lessons-learned report
Reflective statements written by project managers and their team members to document important things
Progress reports
Reports that describe what the project team has accomplished during a certain period of time.
Progress archives
A complete set of organized project records that provide an accurate history of the project.
SharePoint portal
Allows users to create custom Web sites to access documents and applications stored on shared devices.
Smoothing mode
Deemphasizing or avoiding areas of differences and emphasizing areas of agreements.
Stakeholder register
A public document that includes details related to the identified project stakeholders throughout the project.
Stakeholder management Strategy
An approach to help increase the support of stakeholders throughout the project.
Status Reports
Reports that describe where the project stands at a specific point in time
Withdrawal mode
Retreating or withdrawing from an actual or potential disagreement.