Which of the following best describes how pop art is made?
a. by borrowing mass-produced images
What emotional tone can be detected in pop art images?
c. ironic and cynical
Who is often considered the founder of the pop art movement?
d. Richard Hamilton
What characteristics distinguish Lichtenstein's work?
d. all of the above (primary colors, benday dots, comic book style)
What different technique did Warhol use to reproduce the image above?
c. silkscreen
What theme did the artist of the above image usually include in his work?
a. the food industry
How was the above image culturally relevant of the pop art style?
c. heavy pigmentation and well-defined shadows
Who is the artist of the image above?
c. Andy Warhol
What format did Warhol borrow to create the above images of Marilyn Monroe?
b. diptych format from the icons of Christianity such as those found in the Byzantine church
According to the lecture, what aspect of American culture inspired the pop art movement?
a. The influence of mass production
Richard Hamilton decided to make art that __________________________,just like car bodies and the latest consumer goods.
a. symbolized the times by their style
Andy Warhol's best works ___________________ behind their mass-produced surfaces.
b. conceal important insights
When was pop art most popular?
b. between 1955 and 1965
Who is the artist of the image above? (Girl on the Phone) http://media.education2020.com/evresources/4002-06-03-01-00_files/i0130000.jpg
b. Roy Lichtenstein
What was the photographer's intended function for the windows in the image above?
a. to isolate the individuals and give a sense of urban alienation
Which of the following describes new documentary photography?
c. It surveyed the social landscape, or social conditions, in a raw and unsentimental manner.
How did Minor White contribute to advancement of photography as an art form?
a. by founding and editing Aperture magazine
What was the purpose of Cindy Sherman's photography?
c. to portray the various roles and identities of herself and other modern women
What is depicted in the image above?
c. both A and B (a small town girl moving to the big city, a part of a series that are very similar to well-known plots of old-movies)
What is the informal name of the photograph above?
d. Migrant Mother
Who is the photographer of the above image? http://media.education2020.com/evresources/4002-06-03-02-00_files/i0100000.jpg
b. Diane Arbus
Which of the following best describes the subject matter of Diane Arbus?
b. She moved beyond the boundaries of what was considered "acceptable" and conventional.
How did the photographer immerse herself in the culture of the image above?
b. She was concluding a month's trip photographing migratory farm labor.
Who is the photographer of the above image? http://media.education2020.com/evresources/4002-06-03-02-00_files/i0050000.jpg
d. Robert Frank
Who took the above photograph?
b. Diane Arbus
Spiral Jetty is an example of ________________.
b. Earthworks
Which of the following is true of new media art?
c. combines and uses new, different, and innovative mediums
What is the common misconception about the piece above?
a. many think that it honors basketball
What was the artist's goal with the piece above?
Not D OR A
What is the social message of the piece above?
a. to encourage kids to have higher goals in life than basketball
Why did the artist of the above piece use a spiral shape?
d. all of the above (It is the most fundamental shape in nature. It appears in DNA molecules. It appears in sea shells and ancient rock art.)
Who created the above piece of art? http://media.education2020.com/evresources/4002-06-03-03-00_files/i0160000.jpg
b. Christo and Jeanne-Claude
What do the backboards and baskets set on telephone poles symbolize in the image above?
b. communication
Who created the above piece of art? http://media.education2020.com/evresources/4002-06-03-03-00_files/i0020000.jpg
b. Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Which of the following describes the piece above?
c. a 24 1/2 mile long , 18 foot high nylon fence that covered an area of California
What do the bottle caps on the poles in the piece above symbolize in African cultures?
Not C, Not D
What special significance does the above piece have to the artist?
a. It symbolizes the perpetual coming and going of things.
What are Earthworks?
c. artistic pieces that involve raw materials found at the site of the piece
Richard Hamilton was a(n) _________ artist.
b. British
What is the name of the above piece?
d. Glue Pour
Who created the above piece of art? (Basketball Hoops) http://media.education2020.com/evresources/4002-06-03-03-00_files/i0050000.jpg
a. David Hammons
Aside from commercial mass production, what else might Andy Warhol's use of repetitive imagery have been commenting on?
[WRONG] c. American culture's obsession with celebrity
Where was the above photograph taken?
[WRONG] d. Nevada