Teacher College Admissions EssaysThe Most Wonderful Teacher

When many of my friends recall Mrs. Brenner's U.S. History AP class, the response they give is "UGH!!! All that work!" I have to admit that I did more homework and essays than I have ever done in my life. But, I learned more from her than I have in any other class. The work was never boring. Mrs. Brenner could make taking notes interesting! We did some fascinating activities such as debates for or against ratifying the Constitution. The best thing about her class, though, was the effect that knowledge still has on me. The neatest thing is how I can watch Jeopardy and answer the questions, even some that the contestants don't know! The knowledge I gained from that class will be with me always, not just until summer vacation. How many other classes can I say that about?

Mrs. Brenner's influence over me was not confined to the knowledge I gained. She has a genuine concern for all her students. Every morning without fail, she would ask me how I was. Whenever I was in a bad mood, she could usually calm me down, and when I was feeling sick, she would always be very sympathetic and caring. Mrs. Brenner was like a second mother. She would listen to my problems and try to help me with them, she would crack jokes, and she would give hugs and reassurance when they were most needed. One thing I remember most about Mrs. Brenner was her constant smile. No matter how bad she was feeling, she never let it show. She was absolutely the most kind, nurturing, and all around wonderrful teacher I have ever had.

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