Frederic Remington was born on October 4th 1861 to Seth and Clara Sackrider Remington in Canton, New York. During his time of birth in American history there were conflicts between the whites and the Indians over the plains. In August of 1873 Remington moves to Ogdensburg, New York. His father is appointed Collector of the Port. On September of 1875 he enrolls at Vermont Episcopal Institute, Burlington. He attends this institute for 3 years and this is where he discovered his talent and love for art. On September 1878 he enrolls in Yale's School of Art, he attends 3 semesters. On febuary1880 his father Seth dies. In the summer of 1881 he vacations in the Montana territory it is his first trip to the west he falls in love with the west and their ways of life and he starts drawing cowboys and other western people and even Indians. His pictures and illustrations are noticed by Harper's Weekly Publishing. On February 25 1882 the publish his first illustration but it is redrawn by the staff. After a while he gets tired of this and quits. In 1883 he buys a sheep ranch near Peabody, Kansas. One year later he moves to Kansas City and invest in hardware store which later turns into a saloon. On October of 1884 he marries Eva Caten in Gloversville, New York then as a couple they return to Kansas City. In 1885 they move to Brooklyn, NY. In 1886 he attends Art Students League, NY. Then he travels to the southwest and learns and studies it and does many illustrations. In 1887 he travels to North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and western Canada he does an art exhibits for the first time. In 1888 his illustrations appear in Theodore Roosevelt's serialized articles for Century Magazine. It was later published as Ranch life and the Hunting Trail. In March he wins Hallgarten and Clark awards at the National Academy of Design exhibition. In May he travels back to the southwest and Texas. In 1889 he wins the silver medal at the Paris International Exposition. In 1890 he buys a home in New Rochelle, New York. He does more exhibitions to show off his work. In 1891 he is elected associate member of national Academy of Design. In 1893 he travels to Mexico for Harper's. In 1895 he finishes his first sculpture called broncobuster. He does more exhibitions and sells many of his sculptures and artwork. In 1898 he travels to Santiago, Cuba to cover the Spanish American war for Harper's. In 1899 Harper's weekly releases him then he begins illustrating for Colliers. In 1903 he does more art galleries in New York then he signs a 4-year contract with Colliers. In 1908 he buys property for new home and studio in Ridgefield, Connecticut. In 1909 His Colliers contract is terminated so then he exhibits work at Doll and Richards Gallery in Boston. He has a lot of success in his exhibits. He is very unhealthy and over weight and he has a lot of health problems and on December 26 1909 He dies of peritonitis following emergency appendectomy. His pictures were usually of the old west and war and it gave people a good picture of what life was like back then. I really like his work because I like the cowboys and the war scenes he painted that is why I chose to do this report on him.

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