UPDATE: You can listen to the call here.

Frederick Mann, a well known person for Ponzi observers, is back. The guy which stated to be behind the JSSTripler / JustBeenPaid Ponzi scheme and announced his retirements right when the pyramid started to collapse does not seem to get enough money. Now he launched a new scheme called “ClickPaid”. I think the strategy this guy / guys (whoever is behind the name) was following with his retirement from JSSTripler / JustBeenPaid is obvious.

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He announced the sale of the so called “company” to another company called Profitclicking, so he can keep a clean name and blame the other company in case the program fails. I am pretty sure that this strategy will work out well for him, as the average Ponzi player / cheerleaders is not intelligent enough to questions things or even think “a few layers deeper”.

As Profitclicking is in the process of collapse right now, it is the perfect time for the genius (brainwashed members of his program call him this way) to launch his new venture. Like ASD, Zeek, JSS / JBP and Profitclicking before, the ClickPaid upstart Ponzi scheme has already a presence on the MoneyMakergroup and TalkGold Ponzi forums. Mann is known for anti-government statements and is believed to be a part of the “sovereign citizens” movement.

At this time, ClickPaid is showing a launch counter on its website, just like Profitclicking did it. The visitors of the pre-launch website are invited to listen to a “World Wide Pre Launch Live Broadcast Call with Frederick Mann” today. As we already know from the past, conference calls are the preferred way of communication by Frederick Mann. I will of course try to attend to the “event” and record it for you all. If you want to attend yourself, you can signup at “clickpaid.com“. A link to the call will be posted today at 8:00 PM EST, and the call will start at 9:00 PM EST.

The ClickPaid Terms – like the Terms of JSS / JBP and Profitclicking – makes members affirm they are not with the government. If the nongovernment affirmation were not enough, ClickPaid also says it reserves the right to enroll ClickPaid members in other programs:

19. From time to time, the Click Paid managers may import the entire Click Paid membership into another program, maintaining the Click Paid genealogy. This will also be done on the basis that people imported into the other program will have to activate their accounts by a certain deadline in order to become members of the other program. If they don’t activate their accounts by the deadline, they will be dropped from the other program. One benefit of this procedure is that Click Paid members receive their Click Paid downline in the other program (to the extent that accounts are activated). Another benefit is that those who don’t want to be in the new program will be dropped automatically if they do nothing. Prior to such an import,Click Paid managers will inform all Click Paid members via email and in the Member Area of the expected import and the reasons for it. Subsequent to the import, managers of the other program will email those imported from Click Paid to explain the benefits of the other program, and to provide them with the procedure to activate their accounts, should they wish to become members of the other program. More than one email may be sent by the managers of the other program. (Click Paid members who don’t activate their accounts in the other program by the deadline will be dropped from that program.) Click Paid members agree to receive the emails referred to in this rule 19. (Privacy: Any import per this rule 19 will be on the basis that the managers of the other program will not abuse the Click Paid email addresses in any way. Once the deadline has been reached, all unactivated accounts in the other program will be deleted and the email addresses for these deleted accounts will not be retained by managers of the other program.)

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