For The Love Of The Game For the Love of the Game Movie Sam Raimi 1999 This movie is based on a story of man who has a passion for baseball and love for a woman. It shows the struggle between the two, b worthy. I can't be a groupie, Jane says this also expressing her insecurity of being worthy. So when your gone you do your thing and I do mine. None of this why didn't you call me bull *censored*, and no possessive crap.

What you do is your business and vis-versa, and no obsessing, Jane says this not actually meaning it, but trying to sound strong. She does this trying to be the guy and seem to have no worries, when really she is wanting him to call. I'll call you back when I'm not pissed, this is Chapel talking to Jane when she refused to come down to see him for no apparent reason. He also was angered that she used the phrase about her not being a groupie. Clear the mechanism, this is what Chapel says to block out all the noise in the game and to focus on what he is doing.

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This can only end bloody for me, this is Jane talking to Chapel after she arrived at his place to visit and sees another woman in there with him half dressed. Is this not America.., this is Jane in a panic to get help N. Films and Cinema.