Fisherman and Jinnee
The Fisherman finds Jinnee's lamp and lets him out. Jinnee threatens to kill him, so fisherman tells him the story of Duban the King and King Yunan. Then tricks Jinnee back into the lamp.
Princess Amaradevi
Mahoseth gets banished by three ministers who want her for her riches. She then tricks them with her jewels, and traps them in a sticky rice and mud. They are then dragged around by Elephants.
The farmer is gardening, and hears his yam talk. Then his dog, tree, branch and rock start talking. He runs and runs into his friends, the fisherman, the weaver, and the bather who items start talking to them as well. They all run to the chief, who ignores them until his stool starts talking.
The White snake
Every night the king is served a secret dish. One day his trusted servant tries a bite. It gives him the power to talk to animals. He helps a family of crows, fish and ants. Later they help him in a contest consisting of piling grains of wheat, getting the golden apple, and getting a ring from the bottom of the ocean.
The mice that set the elephants free.
One day mice ask the King Elephant not to stomp through there village after killing many mice. The elephant agrees and leaves them along. A few days later the Elephants are trapped in a hunters trap and the mice free them.
Numskull and the rabbit
Numskull, a lion, threatens to kill everyone if he is not given an animal everyday. A rabbit sacrifices himself, but because he is clever, he tells Numskull that there is another lion who wants to be king in the well. Numskull looks down and sees his own reflection, jumping in and killing himself in the process.
The monkey and Jellyfish
The queen is going to die and the only way to save her is to get the liver of a monkey. The turtle goes up and captures a monkey and brings him down. A few days later the Jellyfish walks by and sees the monkey. He tells him he is going to die because the queen wants his liver. The monkey escapes by saying he left his liver up on land to dry, and he must go get it. The monkey escapes and as punishment the Jellyfish loses his shell.
Aesop's Fable
A set of fable including The Dog and the Shadow (He is carrying his meet and sees his shadow with meet and wants the other dogs meet. Loses his own meet in the process), The Lion and the Mouse (the lion lets the mouse go and the mouse frees him from the trap), The fox and the grapes (the fox cant get to the grapes and decided they are sour), The seagull and the Kite (A seagull eats to much fish and lays down to die, the kite comes along and tells him if he flies he shouldn't eat things from the sea.