Definition of personal selling process Steps involved An organization needs to be extremely cautious in making investments in various types of inventories. The extent of control required to be maintained on all items is not the same. Explain some important tools of Inventory management like BBC analysis, Just-Len-Time & Economic order quantity model. Definition of Inventory and Inventory Management BBC analysis. Just-Len-Tale &Economlc Order Quantity Model 4 Explain the SCORE model with a diagrammatic representation.

SCORE model Focusing Aspects with diagram 5 When one member of distribution channel tries to maximize its profits at the expense of rest of the members, it will create conflicts, resulting in the decline of profits. To avoid these conflicts, now retail firms have started forming vertical Marketing systems (VIM). Explain the three types of VIM through which goods and services are usually distributed to customers. Definition of VIM Three types of VIM 6 Define Reverse Logistics with an example of a industry that follow strong reverse logistics. Explain the four main reverse logistic processes.

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Definition of Reverse Logistics Example Four mall reverse logistic processes MISTOOK 1- CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 1 "Selecting the right segmentation variable is critical". Explain with the help of an example each for three types of segmentation. Explanation of three types Examples 2 Explain the concept of defense mechanism In detail. Forms of frustration 3 Discuss Trait theory and its relevance in consumer Behavior. Explanation of trait Theory Types of personality traits 4 "A number of factors influence individuals that may distort their perceptions".

Is it true? Comment. Explanation of factors that distort individual perception 5 Explain the different components of learning. Explanation 6 Write short notes on: a) The Adoption Process b) Post-purchase Behavior of a consumer ) Meaning and Barriers b) Meaning and example MUKLUK- Retail Marketing 1 What do you mean by the term 'Consumer? Explain the classification of retail customers based on shopping. Definition of Consumers classification of retail customers based on shopping 2 Define Integrated Marketing Communication (MIMIC)?

Describe the tools of MIMIC. Definition of MIMIC Tools of MIMIC 3 Define retailing and Retailer. Describe the classification of store based retailing based on ownership and on the basis of variety of merchandise mix. Definition of retailing and retailer Based on ownership Basis of variety of merchandise mix. What is E-tailing? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of E-tailing. Definition of E-tailing Advantages and Disadvantages of E-tailing 5 Price is a highly sensitive and visible part of retail marketing mix.

Retailer's overall profitability depends on Pricing. It plays an important role in strategic decision making process. Explain various pricing strategies are adapted by the retailer according to the situation. Explanation of pricing in Retail Retail Pricing strategies 6 Describe any three Rural retail strategies in brief. Definition of Rural retail Any three Rural retail strategies MUKLUK- MARKETING RESEARCH Describe the components of research proposal. 2 There are certain advantages and drawbacks of secondary data.