When asked to make a short speech on my dad, my first thoughts were “NOOOOOOOO I do not want to do this!!! ” But after I thought about things to talk about, it actually turned out that I had to choose what not to talk about! I am very lucky and have a dad who has and always will be there for me. He coached my baseball team when no one else could do it, he always has offered to take me to the batting cages and has spent several hours thinking about me and what he could do to make my life better.

Something that I can always relate to with my dad with is with baseball, our sense of humor, and camping. I remember when I was in 6th grade my dad and I flew out to Arizona to watch some spring training games. The cool thing is that unlike many parents, my dad convinced my mom to let me miss Thursday and Friday of school to make it so we could have a long weekend in Arizona. When we were sitting in the airport I was asking my dad questions out of a baseball almanac and he knew EVERY single question that I asked him and I thought “Wow, my dad knows everything! I will always remember that weekend that was just filled with having fun with my dad and watching baseball. When you see my dad and I just standing around, you can always bet that we are joking around. We can thank my grandpa Bell for this attribute that we have! I’m not saying we cant be serious, but it is a lot more fun to make things funny to make them better. All of our long car rides or family trips are filled with us joking around. One thing that is really funny that we both do, sorry mom, is making faces at my mom when she isn’t looking!

She could be getting mad at either one of us, while the other one is just making faces so what she is saying isn’t being taken so seriously. The last thing that is fun that I will always remember is when we drove up to Bishop for the weekend and spent the week messing around and fishing. Thanks to my grandpa Knox, I have fallen in love with going camping at Rock Creek. But this was the first time that I went up with just my dad. The fun began with the car ride when it was 80 degrees outside, raining, and we were blasting the music on our way to Bishop.

Once we got there, we thought it was a good idea to go swimming, in the rain, during a thunder and lightning storm and we used a dead praying mantis as entertainment by flicking it at each other. Well thankfully we survived that death trap and spent the majority of the next day fishing, and catching limits, of fish up in the streams. That is one trip to Rock Creek that I will never forget! Although we do get in arguments over many things, I have a great relationship with my dad.

I am lucky that he is around all the time because of his weird work shift, so that I get to spend more time with him. He has already taught me so many things like get better at pool, I’m better, baseball, I’m better, and fishing, I’m better. But I still have many things to look forward to. Things like getting better at golf, for example hitting the ball straight, driving stick shift, so I can steal his mustang, and lastly to become a good person so one day I can be not only a good person like he is, but to be able to be a great dad. I love you dad, happy fathers day!