Minor changes New model New product Technological revolution New processes New material New machines Manufacturing Material handling 18 Objectives of Facilities (Count) Reduce investment in land / building / equipment, and operating costs Improve working condition and safety to increase employee loyalty employees are asset not cost. In the KIT philosophy, employees have the most important role in the success of the enterprise 19 The Engineering Design Process Applied to Facilities Planning preferred design Implement the design 20 The facilities planning process - Manufacturing 1 .

Define (or 9. Maintain and adapt redefine) products to be the facilities plan manufactured 8. Implement the 2. Specify the facilities plan manufacturing processes required to produce the I Ill 7. Select product(s). A facilities plan II 3. Determine the interrelationships among 6. Evaluate the departments alternative facilities plans 4. Determine the space 5. Generate requirements alternative for all facilities facilities plans departments 21 1 . Define (or redefine) health needs 2. Specify the medical services required to satisfy health needs 9. Maintain and adapt the hospital plan 8.

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Implement the hospital plan 3. Determine the interrelationships among all services 7. Select a hospital plan - Hospital facilities 4. Determine 5. Generate the space alternative requirements hospital plans for all services 6. Evaluate the alternative hospital plans Questions to be answered! What is to be produced? (Product design) How are the products to be produced? (Process design) When are the products to be produced? (Schedule design) How much of each product will be produced? For how long will the products be produced? Where are the products to be produced?