For my video analysis I decided to watch a show on the History channel called Historys Mysterious. This episode dealt with Exodus 1948 the ship that tried to help immigrants get out of Europe after World War 2. After World War 2 had ended there was a high number of refugees. Most of them were prisoners from the concentration camps who went back home to only find that the majority of their family was dead and that there homes were destroyed.
The ship was originally a Luxury ship prior to World War 2 and had seen many trips across the Atlantic Ocean. During the war it was converted to a troop carrier and had seen better times. After the war the ship was sold for scrap metal and was suppose to be taken apart.

At this same time a secret group of high ranking Jewish Business men were having a meeting in New York City on what to do to help the refugees. They knew that there was land in Palestine but it was British controlled. This land was the orginal Holy Land for Jews but at this time was heavly populated with Arabs.

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