Transforming organizations: A gift is the talent God has given to us. When we fail to use it we fail God. Leadership is in every body and is teachable. "If you want an omelet you must be prepared to crack some eggs". "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift'. Leadership is all about perception of others, for a good leader; People respect them People want to work for them. People feel support even protection I. E. E (should) take(s) the bullet and not the people People are loyal to great leaders Ђ People admire and aspire them Leadership emotions are no built upon actions, behaviors and interactions. Leadership is not based on Genetic Mandate of title Theory How many books one reads Leadership is all about choice, It's not easy It requires courage, act like one 12 Leadership behaviors Be humble and human: people like those who are humble and human thus responding to their feelings/ problems and are ready to apologize. Ђ Live by the principle of "l am third" Brutal, 100% honesty, in all shapes and forms particularly on performance I. . (truth) Demand truth and honesty in return and reward it (no body is smarter than anybody) remove ego. Do what is right, no matter the price. A principle is not a principle until it costs us something. Eliminate 3 words from your personal behaviors': (a) politics (b) positioning (c) bureaucracy Dare to dream big Have the guts to take risks.

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Don't be afraid to do things, dare to fail When you do something do it with Happiness is better performance find what you love and do it) I. E. Your vocation. Believe anything is possible- never say "can't" Ђ Stay calm when the gun is against your head: during tough times be calm and do more and stand on your principles even if it meaner losing your Job. Seek to be different vs.. Same as the "crowd" "Brand" yourself - stand out from the crowd. NIB: When you are nice to everyone, you are building bridges that you may use in crossing later. Who is a Leader?

A leader is someone who is selected, elected, appointed or chose to lead others, someone who has the ability to motivate and guide a group towards achieving a goal. Types of goals Organizational goals/ deplete Ђ Personal goals Corporate goals; mission/vision The quality of leadership determines the success or failure of an organization. Attributes of a good leader Naturally smart and intelligent Self confident Has passion for service Strict with discipline Behaves ethically Right profession Strong in the time of crises A good listener. Ђ Provides inspiration Not arrogant Sets clear goals Quick in decision making. Performance standard of a good leader Energetic Dynamic Principled Communication skills