As a Green Home Assessor you will be expected to produce up to 5 bookings a day. As some of these bookings will fall through most likely you will be assessing 3-4 homes a day, but sometimes as much as 7. Before you start assessing homes you must book in these leads with Association of Building Sustainability Assessors. Once you have finished your assessments you are expected to enter these into the government Green Loans database, using your assessor password and assessor identification.

While assessing homes you must fill out a risk assessment form and know your responsibilities. If at any point during your assessment it is your responsibility to tell the homeowner of the situation and that they must rectify it otherwise you will be forced to end the assessment on the spot. You are entering people’s homes on behalf of Planet Green and as such you are the face of Planet Green, you are expected to have an extreme amount of personal integrity and professionalism during assessments.

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You only have two people you have to answer to during work, the director of Planet Green and the Green Loans manager. You will be required to make a variety of decisions on your own; essentially you have no supervisor except at the start and end of the day, this of course means you have a high level of responsibility and your actions must reflect that responsibility. Why is this position available? This position has been created to help other Home Sustainability Assessors anage their workload; due to the nature of the program Sales are constantly increasing and to compensate for this Planet Green must take on new HSA assessors. What is required of you when working? Requirements| Essential | How Was it Identified? | Physical| - Well Presented- Well spoken, speaks clear- Reasonably fit | - Through interview process behaviour, presentation and manner are all made notes of. Qualifications | - Fully accredited - Some customer service or sales back ground- Minimum provisional drivers license- Minimum year 10 certificate- A felony free criminal record | Formal possession of appropriate qualification material verified at interview | Experience| - At least some sales or customer service experience| Confirming with previous employers or referees | Special Knowledge | - Intermediate environmental knowledge- Strong knowledge of Microsoft excel spreadsheet| - Through demonstration of knowledge at interview| Requirements| Essential| How Was it Identified? |

Circumstances | - Must be willing to work long hours sometimes up to 14 hours a day- Have to travel all over Sydney sometimes outside Sydney| - Ensure candidate is aware of the requirements- Interview questions and application form details| Disposition | - Must be persistent in procuring the best possible results out of a assessment- Must be friendly towards staff and clients- Working readily with others and co-operating with managers.

As well as taking this avenue to find an applicant the position is to put advertised in the job section of the Sydney Morning Herald, specifically the Saturday edition. Assuming Planet Green has not hired someone within two weeks the advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald will be withdraw and the internet advertisements will be left up while Planet Green considers possible applicants that where over looked previously. Relevant documents - Planet Green will give the accepted applicant an OH&S manual, which must be returned prior signed and documented prior to beginning work, work will not be allowed to start until this document is return. - Planet Green ill require a copy of any applicants resume with references attached as well as a cover letter. Consultation that took place Consultation took place with the director, office manager and accountant prior to advertising the advertisement to see who the hypothetical ideal applicant was to make it into the interview, as well as finding out what was a financially smart way to advertise for the position. Once an applicant is identified an interview board is put together with the director introducing the applicant to the company and generally questioning them. The Office manager will be informing them of their role and the specifics of the job, also to field any questions from applicants.

Once the interviewed applicants are narrowed down to a short list of three or four a meeting must be arranged with the interviewers (Director, office manager and accountant) to decide on an applicant to induct and put on probation for a month. The Office manager will manage the induction process on the first day most likely allocating the new employee to a more experienced HSA assessor in order for the to learnt the fine points of the role and ways of more efficiently working in their role. Lastly if the applicant makes it through the one-month probation period then they will be offered a slight rise in the commission they earn as well as being assigned their own computer in the office to be used to enter data from Assessments.