I.S.P. - My Hero Profile
At only 17 years of age my brother, Justin Pinter, has done a lot with his life. He is someone that I look up to because he has been good at sports all though his life. He won the MVP award at his school for playing basketball. He swerves this way and then that, before shooting an almost perfect three pointer.

"I started to get better by just shooting hoops," he told me. "After a while I started to play games and got to know all of the rules." Although when he first started to play the net was only set to six foot, he got better and better while moving the net higher and higher.

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The only way that he learned to shoot better was to teach himself, until grade six when he played on his first competitive basketball team. "It was very challenging and wanted to quit, but stuck to it and eventually got good. He started to watch NBA on the television and watched all of their tricks and fakes carefully. By the time he was in grade eight he got the MVP award for scoring the most baskets on his team.
Once his team had beat all of the school's in the area they moved on to WOFSA and got 6th place, not bad for a team from the small town of West Lorne. "I love to play, once you start playing you just don't want to stop." He kept playing all the way until he was in grade 10, the first year that there was no basketball team.

Although he was disappointed, he still keeps playing every now and then, in our backyard. He will hone his skills more and more and hopes to be on next years basketball team, at W.E.S.S. Everyone around him supports him 100 percent including: my mom, my dad, his teachers and me. I like to watch him play, whether its just in the backyard or on the court.

I look up to my big brother, Justin Pinter, because of all of the things that he had to go though in order to get to where he is today. From playing around in the backyard to facing the many days of games and practices my brother never gave up, and for that I respect him.