There are many controversial issues in the world. Some include interacial relationships, abortion, rap, cloning, and legalizing drugs. There is also a hot topic called euthansia. Euthanasia is a term meaning assisted suicide. I personally despise the idea of euthansia.because I believe in god and I believe in the bible. Suicide is a sin and so is assisting someone commit suicide. Not only is euthanasia a sin its illegal and considered murder. A good example of euthanasia would havge to be te infamous doctor kovorkian. This so called doctor euthanasied about one hundred some people. And what happened to him? Well he is gonna spend the rest f his life in jail or basically get the death penalty. Now thats a good reason why I dont believe in euthanasia. Some people argue that its the for the best and just that story proves it wrong. Doctor kovorkian thought the same and society saw it differently and for that reason he gonna rott in jail.

Let me tell you about a personal experience with euthanasia. My grandpa was diagnosed with throat cancer. He went through chemotherapy and the whole nine yards. After the treatments the doctor didnt see no progress and told him and the family that he really only had 3 months to live and that the last 2 months were gonna be painful and hard for us to see. He suggested that we can take a method in which he will keep givin my grandfater morphine. First with one dose and then increase it until he will reach in a coma and wont wake up anymore with the promise that he wil not feel any pain at all. My grandfather said it was our decision but he really wanted us to do it. After careful consideration and thought we came up wit the conclusion that he might come out of this ok., so we denied the so called help from the doctor.the 2 months the doctor said was gonna be painfull was because my grandpa was in pain and couldnt eat at all. The doctor kept on with the chemo therapy and the 3 months he gave my grandfathre turned into 5 and so on till after a year in chemotherapy my grandfather was in recession. If we wouldve took the advice from the doctor we wouldve made the biggest mistake in our lives. So basically the doctor wanted us to kill my grandfather which is murder.

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Another reaon I dont believe in euthanasia is the fact that u wont die wit dignity. Dignity means
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