During the Glorious Thirty, Bretagne knew a strong rural exodus. In this way, Yves Rocher decided to create an activity generating employment in her hometown. Their first products were cream against hemorrhoids and varicose vein. The originality of Yves Rocher was it was one of the first to sell products by “correspondence” (will be manage by Isabel Derroisné in 1995). This kind of marketing strategy knew a big success and helped Yves Rocher to open her first factory called « les Brelles » at La Gacilly. In 1965, Yves Rocher edited a green book for the beauty and exposing her strand beauty products. Fast growing, a new industrial factory was created 3 years later and a Yves Rocher shop is opened at the Haussman Boulevard to Paris. After Yves Rocher group spread in Europe:

* Opening of the 2 fililas in Belgique and Swisszertland (1970) * Opening another factory at Rieux (1979) Bretagne * Opening a factory at Cork (1980) Irland * Opening a factory at Plöermel (1982) Bretagne * Opening at Echtenach (1985) Luxembourg

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At the end of the 80’s years, Yves Rocher groups decided to deploy by creating 2 new brands specialized in the cosmetology’s’ marine and anti-aged: Daniel Jouvance (1980) and Dr Ricaud (1985). In whole worldwide prosperity, Yves Rocher acquired the brand for children clothes “Petit bateaux”.

Concerned about ecology, Yves Rocher group build one of the highest state authority: Yves Rocher Foundation. The aim of this one is to reinforce relation between the nature and human by real actions. This foundation gives to Yves Rocher a natural and ecologic image at the group.

During the following years, Yves Rocher groups acquired Stanhome specialized in home sold. 6 years later, the cosmetic brand “Kiotis” and “Galerie Noëmie” were created and having as particularity to sell only by direct sold. Today, 8 brands composed the group. (Annex N°1: society organigram).