In the little town of Nassau, everyone knows everyone or everyone is related to each other in some way. The little streets are almost always congested with traffic mainly because the number of cars outnumbers the population of people. School children rush out of their homerooms to catch the bus, while angry drivers are upset because they are caught in the so called "three 'o' clock" traffic caused by the reckless bus drivers rushing to their anxious customers. Most of the roads are poorly paved and tend to flood when the slightest bit of rain falls.

In some parts of the town you see that houses are freshly painted and yards are well kept, but on the other hand some houses look as if a hurricane has passed through the yards and the paint is peeling off. Little children run bare-footed in the road while cars honk their horns for them to move. The sun shines brightly and makes the roads and the town hot and irritable. On Bay Street, the sidewalks are crammed with tourists walking in and out of stores, while straw vendors try to grab the attention of potential customers.

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The bright colors of the straw market attract tourists and also the smell of different food attracts them. The stench of the salt water sea where the cruise ships arrive filled with stop over tourists tends to accumulate in the area and makes it an unpleasant place to dwell. The smell of people's body odors mixed with the different scents of stores accumulates in the air. Men and women alike shout as if they are in a fire and try to get the bus to pull over for them. The buildings vary in size and shape as you move along the street.

Some buildings look as if they can fit about five people at a time, while others are monstrous and high above the ground. The dock which is further down smells of fish, conch and other sea creatures fishermen have caught. The sound of beaters that the fishermen use on the fish is heard and eager fishermen trying to make a sale. The beaches in the town all have clear blue waters, but some of them are rocky or the waves are rough and hazardous to swim in. Hungry seagulls flock around at the sight or smell of food and dive into the water searching for fish.

The people of the town are all different. Some of the women are sophisticated while others walk around in barely or no clothes and have no sense of class. Most of the men can not wait until the weekend so they can quickly gather in the different bars and talk about utter nonsense. The malls and movies are clustered with teenagers who basically just loiter around with nothing better to do. At night the clubs are filled with middle age people and even some teenagers that tend to sneak in because of their appearance looking to drink and have a good time.

Police in the town seem to be almost as bad as the criminals out there. They involve themselves in illegal activities such as drug dealing and yet quick to give a ticket to someone. Stray dogs overpopulate the town and it seems like the number of them increases each day and the government seems to not care at all. All in all Nassau is a little town that has too many cars which brings about bumper to bumper traffic and the roads are often congested.

The slight bit of rain floods certain areas and the roads that are poorly paved. Let us not start on the multiple pot holes that tend to damage the cars and the amount of stray dogs running around. Most of the men drink their lives away in the various bars around town, while the woman with hardly any clothes on walks around as if she has marbles between her legs. The youth are not as bad even though they loiter around causing confusion. Nassau is just a small town that is overpopulated and full of chaos.