Why do women leave their children and go to work? Some women decide to work for financial support, some to escape from homes, and some to release their stress etc. however, some people believe women shouldn’t work; they should take care of their young children. On the other hand, others do not agree with it. I believe women should work, so the family can benefit in many ways. To begin with, having a working mother in the family will help the family financially. My friend Nima is a good example of this.

Nima doesn’t work , and as a result , she cannot afford to enroll her little boy in karate class. Her husband doesn’t support her, since she is not the breadwinner of the family. She wishes she had some kind of income. Every penny helps in this hard economic time. In addition, women’s working in the family not only helps the family economically, but is also healthy for the family. Women who go to work seem to be happier than those who stay home. Moreover, working moms are more likely to give quality time to their children. As a result, workingwomen’s children are happier.

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I’m a workingwoman, and everyday I cannot wait to see my son after work. But if I were a stay at home mom, I would never feel the same. Additionally, children will also learn good social skills, if their mother leaves them at daycare or with caregivers. Having a working mom in the family is healthier for the family. In conclusion, women should work, so the family can benefit financially and raise happier, healthier children. Having a working mom in the family makes a strong family. Lets encourage all women to work for their family and for their children.