Once upon a time, there was a fisherman in a peaceful sea village. He lived with his mother, father, wife and children. He always served his parents heartily with devotion and the time when he communicated with his family is the happiest moment. Also, he was always diligent, honesty and scrimpy and his life was always positive. Even though he was not plentiful in property, he was not greedy but enjoyed helping people who fell in troubles.

Once, there was a very big natural disaster, which gave a lot of damages to that village. Because the man couldn't catch fishes, his family had to suffer hunger. However, he loved his family more than before and also helped the poor people to restore the original conditions, which were damaged by the disaster. Like this, even poverty couldn't change his good conduct and everything looked peaceful for him and the calmness always in his mind.

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Having watched him intently for a long time and being moved by his good conduct, the God gave him a millstone as a gift, which can generate the white powder by only putting water into. The white powder was the "SALT". As time was going on, the fact that the salt can be used usefully for keeping foods for a long time and for delicious cooking was known all over throughout villages, the white powder became popular and indispensable commodities in their lives. He shared all salt generated by the millstone, with inhabitants of village, for free.

One day, his mother contracted an obstinate pneumonia, suddenly. Having a strong filial piety for his mother, he made every effort to cure her pneumonia. As it was worse, his family was suffering from hunger because he spent most of his time not on catching fishes but on searching cures for his mother. Finally, he founded the medical treatment. However, to treat her pneumonia, he needed a lot of money. Money, which needed for not only his family's hunger but also his mother's medical treatment, caused him mental anguish how to earn money. As time went on, he didn't have enough time to hesitate, because problems were getting worse.

He ultimately decided to sell the salt to people, for a short while that current problems could be solved. In a short time, he could earn enough money. His mother regained her health and his family did have to suffer from hunger anymore. Everything seemed to became fine, except himself, the fisher man.

Even though he became rich considerably, he kept selling salt, because he saw that he could earn a lot of money easily by just selling the salt in the house. That is, greed for money changed his mind. He spent most of his time on selling a salt, rather than talking with family as he usually did before. Also, he began to doubt people and even his family because of money. However, his family didn't seem to be happy even though their lives became much more plentiful than before because they knew that money couldn't make people happy. One day, his family said to him "It is very pity for us that you lost a lot of valuable things to earn money.". As soon as he heard that from his family, he was awakened with a sudden flash that he became lazy and greedy.

The money caused him metal anguish, again because he had to waive one of both happiness with family and money, because of its deficiencies. It was obvious that the money brought him conveniences in life. One day, his daughter, who was 4 years old, walked to him and said to him "Daddy, why don't you play with me, these days?, huh?". Her dickybird made him decide to throw a millstone away for regaining happiness with his family.

After all, his family went back to the moment that their family was so happy through deciding to throw it into the sea. The reason that he threw a millstone into the sea was that if he handed in it to another people, it might take another happiness away. So, the sea is salty because a millstone has been working in the sea.