As a LPN I’ve experienced a lot of different things throughout my career. I am often asked the question of, “Why are you in nursing? ” I tell people that I didn’t choose nursing, nursing chose me! I enjoy being a nurse. The rewards are endless. I am searching for further advances within this career. This is why I chose to continue my education with Lincoln Technical Institute. Moving forward with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing will enhance potential advances. I want to really be the person that provides good care for people when they are ill.

My ultimate goal is to become an ARNP at some point. With my ARNP I plan to open a public clinic to provide health care to those who are financially challenged. Essentially my passion that I possess as a nurse professional places me in a position to not want to see anyone go without health care. Through my experiences an Administrator and a Director of Nursing, I was able to not only provide some form of health care to the elderly but I also was able to provide a comfortable place for them to live.

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In some instances the resident or resident’s family could not afford the monthly living expenses it took to reside at the community in which I managed. I however was in a position to give rent allowances for those that were in that type of predicament. Needless to say I felt real joy knowing that I could help an individual and families from more than one angle. I am a patient advocate and I promote what’s ethically right for people. Acquiring my Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Lincoln Technical Institute will bring me steps closer to fulfilling my desire to become an ARNP respectively!