Music was important to the slaves as a form of passive resistance because they could communicate, give each other signs of escape/runaway and keep their spirits up. music was very meaningful to the slaves in the past. slaves were forced/made to work on plantations because their masters, of course, did not want to work so instead they made their slaves work.

There were three types of plantations which were :

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1) Cotton 2) Sugar 3) Tobacco Passive resistance in the past was when slaves use many ways to annoy their masters to get freedom or leave. Its effective because it doesn't cause a lot of violence and the masters don't really get to know what the slaves are doing.

Types of passive resistance are:

1) Breaking tools 2)Pretending that they don't understand what their masters are saying. 3) Acting ill 4) Being irresponsible, or clumsy.

Slaves sing for resistance. To prove this there are three examples of slave songs 1) Wade in the water 2) Swing low/ sweet chariot 3) Amazing grace ''Wade in the water'' showed means that there is freedom for the slaves, this is an allusion to the holy spirit of god that sets people free in their own circumstances. ''Swing low sweet chariot'' is a slave spiritual. It was a coded message about the underground railroad. Their masters thought that they were singing about God so the slaves were able to relay the information right under their noses.

''Amazing grace'' meant forgiveness of god, mostly slave owners used to sing this song. They used to sing this because they committed many sins and that their soul could be delivered from despair through the mercy of god.