The world’s changing, so is the learning trend. We’ve been taken away too far with time. But one thing has not yet changed from the beginning of human evolution. The importance of teacher is still the same. In my view learning should be an aided process, and the help of a teacher is must. Some people think themselves to be so smart and think they can do anything without anyone’s help but get troubled in the eleventh hour, when the exams are so near and they can’t dare to ask for help.

Had the learning not been an aided process, the trend of studying in school would not have come into existence. Teachers can help us in any way we want since they have already passed the times we are to pass now. Teachers can help us with any difficulty since they are meant for that and are experienced, both academically and socially. The thing is not just studies, it’s about learning, a man needs someone to get to the track, and that is what a teacher can do.

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The need of a teacher is urgent when you can’t identify the problem, it’s there when you find your answer wrong but can’t locate where it is wrong. Teachers have a long experience of finding the students’ problems and help them get best out of their heads. In a nutshell, I strongly adhere to the fact that we should have a teacher rather than learn by ourselves because we will get instructed, learn to spend our time wisely, and even we can get the master skills in the areas we concern about.