Drama is written for live visual performance; it is more intense and reflects everyday life tensions more than poetry. Drama is observed right in front of you; there is color, lights for the setting, clothing and the scenes change. Drama allows you to see the characters personality developed as the drama unfolds on stage. Drama has two forms tragedy and comedy. “Riders of the Sea” is a drama of tragedy. The plot of the drama is central and foreshadowing and flashbacks are techniques used to show performance qualities.

In “Riders of the Sea” when Maurya is arranging to purchase the white boards that can be used for Michael’s coffin before she knows for sure he is dead is foreshadowing. Flashbacks are when Maurya speaks of her sons, husband and father-in law who has died by the sea. Poetry is written to be read in silence and in groups; it is not performed as a drama or play, but can bring just as much emotion as a drama by listening. Poetry technique is tone, sounds, ideas, feelings and rhythms. The style of poetry is determined by the use of words the author chooses.

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Some words are use in a formal style and others can be an informal style. As cited by (Lowell, 1923). “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” (Clugston, 2010). I read poetry and enjoy it, but I can only really enjoy it when I can do so with a group. Listening to poetry allows me to pick up the tone and rhythm. I miss these two elements when reading poetry. I love going to see live performance of dramas some times when reading I will miss the development or some small incident that changes the play.