Learning is a life-long process, very much dependent upon perspectives one gets to see through. Thus, one cannot obviate the need for considering the perspectives of others towards different situations. Greatest advancements in the past have been made through learning from the contradictory thoughts of others, and thus by modifying our own personal opinion. Thus contradictory thoughts play a very important role in enhancing our decision-taking power, as they give us a chance to weigh the pros and cons of a situation, and certainly give a boost to our learning.

While one may say that if one gives too much value to the contradictory thoughts, he/she may stymie the progress of the process; one has to believe that if there is a true concern for learning, the price for it is time. Although, the time that is used in analyzing the situation through other’s perspective may delay the progress, it provides one with the opportunities to modify the ability to think. Thus, next time when the same person encounters a situation, he/she may cerebrate over it with a better outlook, and probably come out with a better solution.

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Hence, to consider other’s opinion results into development of better intellectual skills. The reason given, that disagreement may cause stress and inhibit learning, is not at all a sound approach to corroborate the claim. Many times the only solution to a problem is to discuss the things with others, who have contradictory thoughts; as in such situations, one cannot afford to give up discussion merely because of stress development. Rather, one has to develop the patience and be open to the thoughts of his/her counterparts.

Only by remaining receptive to the thoughts of other, one can learn to handle the current situation and many others that might have to be encountered in future. Also, one may comprehend in a better way, the policies of the people at other side and hence add something in his/her policies by implying the learning. Listening to the contradictory thoughts also has impact on the personality traits and thus helps in learning right behavioral skills.

Group Discussion, a part of the curriculum in universities and a mandatory part of recruitment process by almost all companies , these days, are there only to check out how a candidate can handle different situations which might be against his/her personal opinion. As in industries, there are situations when one has to listen to the contradictory thoughts, one cannot afford to be stressed. Not being stressed in difficult situations, hence, is also a part of learning that is derived out of the same practice of listening to the contradictory thoughts.

One also learns that contradictory thoughts don’t necessarily hamper the progress of process;if taken positively, they may lead to a co-operative effort developing the spirit of working cohesively in team. The learning, hence, is a phenomenon that results from giving due value to the thoughts of others, as only then, one can better point out the vices in him. Many times, we are not ready for this type of learning because our ego comes in the way.

Disagreement causes stress, tension, and commotion, but we should try to rise above this and benefit from the experiences of others who we disagree with. Therefore, one can effectively learn to suppress his/her ego, and accept that he/she may not be always right. On the other hand, if one is not receptive to the thoughts of others, he/she might be able to execute the job at hand today, but the real progress i. e. the development of intellect may not be successfully achieved.