Bronte presents the gothic element of violence as fundamental to Heathcliff’s development as a gothic protagonist and as a figure of anger and destruction. The violent treatment Heathcliff endured from the past catalysed his violent nature throughout the novel. As Bronte says “from the beginning he bred bad feeling in the house”. The use of the alliteration of “B” reflects the tensinious atmosphere Heathcliff brings to the heights.

Another interpretation of the use of the alleterion of “B” reflects people’s fear of religion and industrialisation. The word “bred” emphasises Heathcliff’s gothic convention of isolation representing him as an outsider and contextually society’s fear of the unknown within the Victorian era. This also reflects contextually the social classes, the fear that the lower classes will rise above their position reflecting the segregation of the classes.

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Bronte uses Nelly to describe the character of Nelly to present the gothic element of violence to be a consequence of his violent treatment as a child. For example she says “he seemed a sullen, patient child, hardened, perhaps to ill treatment” Bronte’s use of sibilance empathises the gothic elements of supernatural and mystery. It also connotes isolation suggesting Heathcliff has a lack of mortality and identity again creating a presentation of mystery. Contextually the sibilance presents the struggle of social classes to overcome their origins.

The structure of this sentence is stuttered created by the use of commas; this emphasis Heathcliff’s unknown past and again presents the gothic element of isolation. It also presents the gothic element of fear of the unknown, as within the Victorian society to question of religion caused many people to be fearful. The word “hardness” can be linked to his isolation from society reflecting the segregation on lower classes in society. This is also used to emphasize the gothic protagonist personal identity of being cold and bitter towards other characters.