The international milk market is more develop stronger and stronger, and Vinamilk – the famous milk brand of Vietnam is more and more becoming successful on this competetive business enviroment. The success of Vinamilk in many recent years is praised by lots of well-known newspaper and the professional manager. Mrs. Huyen Thu (4/2013) found that Vinamilk is still growing dramatically despite the international economic crisis has pursued since 2012.

The clear evidence which Mrs Huyen Thu showed is the revenue of Vinamilk in the first 4 months of 2013 is 1524 – thousand – billion ( increase 20% compare with the previous year ). Although that, the research only has tended to focus on the domestic business enviroment, rather than on the international milk market. Therefore, in this research the auther/we find out and demonstrate the success of investment abroad in strategy development of Vinamilk. The purposes of our project are: bring the general look about marketing sales strategies and the success of Vinamilk on the international marker.

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Furthermore, our research also is the reference for the manager of others milk companies in specially Vietnam apply and learn from experience in order to being more and more develop. There are many different opiniones about the success of Vinamilk in the internatonal marker. “It is very unconvinced about Vinamilk and their fame in foreign market” ( Ms Mai, 2013). These milk companies which have influence on international milk market almost are these big and perennial group. Perhaps it is unbelievable with Vinamilk ( Mr. Nam, 2013).

A part from a chapter in Saigon Economic (2013), Vinamilk brand has had a high posioton in the domestic business and the consumers enviroment. For example, in 2012, the percentage consumers choosing Vinamilk is 36,8 above 100%. Vinamilk is a widely recognised and successful company in Vietnam, and with an estimated 70% market share in milk and related products and beverages, is the national market leader in this sector, with a strong distribution network throughout Vietnam. This milk company is the leader in the Vietnamese dairy products market, with its distribution network in all of the 64 provinces of Vietnam.

The company has been voted first in the 'Top Ten Vietnamese High-quality Goods' survey by consumers since 1995 (Mr Hoan, 2012). Nevertheless, the studies have emphasized on domestic market, as opposed to international business. It would thus be of interes to learn “What has Vinamilk done ? ” and “ Why can Vinamilk conquer the difficult market such as Asian, Europe, American…? ” The recent developments in marketing sales strategies of Vinamilk clearly have considerable potential.