Gathering information; a step in charting the health care professional's impression of what is wrong with the patient, based on the signs and symptoms.
auditory learner
A person who learns best by hearing new material.
Opinion made before facts are known.
career ladders
The various levels within an occupational area that require different amounts of education and training.
The process of determining whether a person has met predetermined standards.
Pertaining to identifying and determining the cause and extent of diseases and injuries.
A personal characteristic reflected as honesty; choosing the right rather than the easy way; conducting oneself honestly and morally.
kinesthetic learner
A person who learns new material best through the performance of hands-on activities.
learning style(s)
A theory proposing that individuals learn in different ways; the most common categories are classified by the senses (sight, sound, and touch).
A designation that means a person has been granted permission to legally perform certain acts.
manual dexterity
Skill in working with one's hands.
objective data
Direct observations made by the health care professional to evaluate a patient's condition.
Beliefs that are not based on certainty or are made without researching the facts.
problem-solving process
A sequence of organized steps to follow when making decisions.
Being placed on an official list after meeting the educational and testing requirements for a specific profession.
scope of practice
A description or list of skills that a specific occupational title is legally allowed to perform.
Objective evidence gathered by health care professionals about a patient's condition.
subjective data
Information the patient tells the health care professional about his or her condition, which cannot be directly observed.
Subjective data reported to the health care provider by the patient.
Relating to healing and assisting patients to regain or attain maximum wellness.
visual learner
A person who learns new material best by seeing it.
A registered nurse would be responsible for
all of these (giving direct patient care, serving as a patient advocate, & providing patient education.)
Learning for mastery means studying the information needed to pass tests.
Good instructors spend most of class time telling learners what they need to know to be successful in their occupations.
The majority of learning in a health care program involves memorizing facts, such as medical terms and the steps in performing a procedure.
What is the first step you should take when working to solve a problem?
Identify the real problem.
Which of the following health care certifications is never voluntary?
Which of the following individuals iterm-3s expressing an opinion?
Mike: "People who don't have jobs and lack medical insurance are just too lazy to work."
Brandon is interested in the field of rehabilitative therapy, but does not currently have a lot of time or the financial resources to attend school for many months or years. Which of the following careers would be best for him to choose under these circumstances?
physical therapist aide
Which of the following individuals best demonstrates the meaning of "thinking like a health care professional"?
Jacob, a veterinary technician, brings to the veterinarian's attention what Jacob believes to be unusual behavior in a dog that was brought in for a check-up.
Which of the following occupations would likely require the highest degree of manual dexterity?
dental hygienist
Which of the following occupations is expected to have the highest increase in positions in the next few years?
registered nurses
Currently, more than 10% of the U.S. labor force works in health care.
Which of the following occupations is expected to have the largest percentage increase in the next few years?
home health aide
Showing respect to a difficult patient is an example that demonstrates the "_______" common core quality required by health care professionals to be effective in their jobs.
Care about others
Once a health care professional has a few years of experience, he or she will be able to perform routine assignments automatically without much thought.
It is projected that employment in the health care industry will grow by more than ____ by 2020.
Which of the following students is best demonstrating dependable behavior?
Carlos always arrives to class on time.
Health care professionals must have integrity. This means that they:
are honest at all times
Jeff enjoys the lecture portion of his Introduction to Health Care class, but dislikes any kind of group work with his classmates. How is this likely to affect his future career success?
negatively, because work in health care is performed by teams
It is illegal for employers to require background checks and drug testing before hiring a new employee.
______ is the process of determining whether an individual has met predetermined standards.
Which is true for a person who has been convicted of certain crimes?
He cannot practice certain health care occupations.
All occupations that contain the designation "certified" in their title require about the same amount of education.
When a license is required to practice a certain health care occupation, it is granted by the:
state government in which the professional wants to practice
Some health care occupations have more than one form of approval or certification.
Most certifying organizations and licensing boards do not require that test applicants graduate from an accredited program.
_______ refers to services that help patients regain and maintain wellness.
_____ _____ are levels within an occupational area that require different amounts of education and training.
career ladders
Which of the following is an example of moving up the career ladder?
A physical therapist assistant who returns to school to become a physical therapist.
Radiologic technologist is an example of a/an _____ occupation.
Jaime is trying to decide whether to study to become a surgical technologist or an emergency medical technician. Which of the following criteria would be best for making a decision that will most likely result in his being satisfied with his career?
his preferences for workplace environment and conditions
When choosing a health care occupation, which of the following factors should be given most consideration?
your natural abilities
A physician who specializes in treating older persons is a/an __________.
A _____ uses x-rays and radiation to diagnose and treat diseases.
A pregnant woman would most likely have a/an _________ as her physician.
Which of the following is an example of a diagnostic occupation?
electrocardiography technician
An example of a health information occupation is a _________.
medical transcriptionist
Nursing is an example of a/an ____________ occupation.
Brandon is interested in the field of nursing, but does not currently have a lot of time or the financial resources for training. Which of the following nursing careers would be best for him to pursue at this time?
certified nursing assistant
A/an _______ administers medication to cause loss of sensation or feeling.
A/an works under the supervision of professionals who help patients develop their strength, range of motion, and movement.
physical therapist assistant
Paramedic is the highest level of emergency medical technician.
Prescriptions for eyeglasses are written by a/an ______.
A/an ______ works with patients who have lung disorders or breathing problems.
respiratory therapist
Becoming an occupational therapy aide requires more education than becoming an occupational therapy assistant.
A/an ______ operates equipment that uses sound waves to produce images of soft tissue.
diagnostic medical sonographer
Pharmacists who are trained today must have a doctoral degree.
Phlebotomists perform laboratory tests on blood samples.
On-the-job training is being replaced by formal education for most health care occupations.
The work of dietetic technicians focuses on helping patients lose weight.
Which of the following activities would most likely work best for a visual learner who is studying the characteristics of good medical documentation?
read about each the characteristics
Understanding why something is done in health care is as important as knowing how to do it.
Which of the following challenges is most likely to be faced by an adult returning to school?
finding adequate time to study
Which study method would be the most effective for an auditory learner who is learning the names of the bones of the hand?
listen to a lecture or recording of the names
Learning for mastery means studying only the information necessary for passing tests.
Most adult learners are at a disadvantage when they try to compete with younger learners.
It is important for adult learners who are parents to regularly spend some time with their children.
Delegating tasks to family members is a good way to ensure you have adequate time to study.
A good time management strategy is to complete your easiest tasks first.
Doing homework with your children in the room is not recommended because they can distract you from your work.
Helping a classmate who needs a ride to school is one way to practice the "_______" quality of a health care professional while you are still in school.
Be caring
Which of the following is the best example of "thinking like a health professional"?
applying what you know to new situations
Most of studying in health care will focus on memorizing facts.
What is meant by "scope of practice" for a health care professional?
the tasks the professional can legally perform
Vomiting is an example of a symptom.
If a patient reports experiencing nausea, this would be recorded as a/an:
In health care, the term "sign" is used to designate something that can be seen or measured. It is a form of objective data.
Which of the following is an example of objective data?
the score a student earns on a test
Which of the following questions from a student best demonstrates that the student is thinking like a health care professional?
Can you tell me why it is important for the procedure to be performed in this way?
When creating alternate solutions to problems, it is generally best to list:
as many as possible, even if they seem impractical
Which of the following medical assistants best demonstrates "thinking like a health care professional"?
Carla notifies the physician when a long-time patient is displaying unusual behavior.
What is the first step in a good problem-solving process?
clearly identify the problem
Which of the following nursing assistants is demonstrating bias in her actions?
Cecilia believes that older patients are going to be more difficult to work with than younger patients.
Recall that Kevin wants to combine mechanical skills and working with patients. Which of the following careers is most likely a good fit for Kevin?
diagnostic medical sonographer
The career with the largest numerical increase in employment between 2010 and 2020 is _______________.
registered nurse
Which of the following careers should you investigate further if you enjoy working with detailed paperwork?
health information technician
Linda Stevens, LPN, works on the medical floor of a large hospital. One of her patients is Frank Gibbon, a recently diagnosed diabetic (diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce enough insulin to control blood sugar levels). Early one morning when reviewing Mr. Gibbon's chart, Linda notices that Dr. Romero was in the previous evening and ordered the patient's blood sugar to be checked at 8:00 am. The results will determine if insulin is to be given. (The higher the level of blood sugar, the greater the amount of insulin to be given.) When Linda goes to check Mr. Gibbon's blood sugar level at 7:45 am, she discovers that he has just finished eating breakfast. She considers what she knows about diabetes: after eating, an individual's blood sugar normally increases for a few hours. What should Linda do about Mr. Gibbon's blood test?
Contact Dr. Romero and inform him about the breakfast schedule.
The career with the largest projected percentage increase in employment between 2010 and 2020 is ______________.
home health aide
It is expected that between 2010 and 2020, ________ jobs will be created in the health care industry.
NOT: 2.5 or 2.3 million
Your school has a strict attendance policy and you know that if you miss one more day, you will fail your current classes. On Saturday, your car breaks down and you do not know how you will get to class on Monday. What should you do?
Gather information about your options and choose the option of carpooling with a friend.
Kevin Yang is a recent high school graduate who hopes to pursue a career in health care. He has enrolled to start classes at a local community college that offers many health care programs. Kevin knows that he wants to combine his mechanical aptitude with his desire to work with people, but he feels overwhelmed by the number of choices in the health care field. He is unsure how to make a decision that will significantly affect his life. How should Kevin start his search for the best career for him?
Use resources such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook and O*Net to learn more about various health care careers.
Which of the following factors is most important for Kevin to consider as he makes a career choice?
his aptitude for the tasks he would be performing in the chosen career
As a physical therapist assistant, to whom at the clinic should Carla report Mr. Taylor's pain?
NOT: the physical therapist aide
Mr. Taylor, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery, tells Carla, a physical therapist assistant, that he is experiencing pain as he performs the exercises prescribed for him. How should Carla note this on Mr. Taylor's chart?
as a symptom
Jeff enjoys listening to his instructor's lectures in his Introduction to Health Care class and reading his textbook, but he is not interested in doing group projects with his classmates. He prefers to work alone and not communicate with others. How is this likely to affect his future career success if he chooses a career in health care?
negatively because work in health care requires
Working well with other people is necessary only in health care jobs that involve working directly with patients.
A good method for a/an _________ learner to master a list of medical terms would be to study a written list.
Which of the following is an advantage that many adult learners have over younger learners?
They have life experiences they can apply to their studies.
The Occupational Outlook Handbook contains a list of accredited schools for various health care occupations.
On the job, you should use thinking and problem-solving skills:
at all times
Most occupational licenses granted by states have both educational and testing requirements.
Brenda has just started a dental assisting program. She wants to do well in school, but she needs to find reliable daycare for her two young children. She decides to use the five-step problem-solving process. What would she do as the last step in the process?
NOT: implement the solution that seems most practical
means being placed on an official list after meeting educational and testing requirements.
NOT: licensing
Alex has received poor grades on his Math for Medical Assistants class. If he uses the five-step problem-solving process, what should be his first step?
identify the real problem
Good instructors should include everything learners need to know for their future careers in their lectures.
A patient's temperature reads 101.6°F. This is an example of _________ data.
NOT: symptomatic
Which of the following is the best example of the meaning of integrity?
Alan strives to tell the truth at all times.
Karina is a surgical technologist. The patient she is preparing for surgery seems extremely nervous and is crying. As a thinking health care professional, Karina should:
use questions to determine why the patient is nervous and upset
Only health care administrators are responsible for controlling costs in their facilities.
Learners must acquire more information than that needed to pass tests in their classes.
Match each characteristic with the occupation for which it is a major requirement.
mental health technician
pharmacy technician
mental health technician- patient and emotional stability
pharmacy technician- ability to follow directions exactly
Match each learning style with its most effective learning activity.
visual- study a diagram of the heart
kinesthetic- build a model of the heart
auditory- listen to a lecture on the structure of the heart