Friends are an essential element of our life. Since we were children, we have been taught how to get along with people. Getting to know our friends further, we have a different relation with those people and that is friendship. As I classify my friends, they can be divided into three categories based on how we spend time together: common acquaintances, pleasure-seeking friends, and soul mates. The first category of friendship I have is the relationship between my acquainted friends and me.

People around me become an acquaintance in my life when we build up some kinds of connection in our daily life. For example, we may attend the same classes at school, say hello and wave good-bye just to show our courtesy as well as grab lunch at the lunch time sometimes. What’s more, we chat with one another about the topic like which restaurants are worth giving a try or who starts the relationship with someone. These topics we talk about are something connected to our life but of little importance.

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Even though acquaintances can be replaced easily and our friendship does not last long, this kind of friendship accompanies us all the way during our life time. Thus, I regard these common acquaintances as passersby who are unavoidable and ordinary in my life. The next category of friendship I have is the relationship between pleasure-seeking friends and me. This kind of relation is based on our common interest of having fun or hanging out together.

They are regarded as comedians to me; I can get along with them happily because we catch up with one another for singing in the KTV or riding scooters to enjoy the night view. Hence, being with this kind of friends, I feel relaxed and worriless most of the time. Even though, the relation we have is merely eating and playing together, this kind of friendship is of great importance to me. Since we all need to seek for joy in a dull busy life, significance of pleasure-seeking friends cannot be underestimated.

The third category of friendship I have is the relationship between soul mates and me. We may encounter plentiful difficulties, embarrassments, and anguish throughout our livelihood and we feel awkward and insecure to talk to our parents or teachers most of the time. Of course, here comes the kind of friends that we want to count on when we face some difficulties! Unlike common acquaintances and pleasure-seeking friends, I have much deeper discussion about life with my soul mates. For instance, we share our dreams, which we do not share with anyone else easily.

In addition, I can tell my soul mates the crucial facts about their weakness. We may argue or have a cold war with one another sometimes, for we have contrary ideas about something of significance; however, we will have a better relationship when we make up after a short argument. Therefore, I regard soul mates as the mentors. We learn from and support one another whenever one of us crushes into difficulty; hence, this is the most powerful friendship of the three kinds, which cannot be destroyed in a single big storm.

Friends are so much connected to our life since everyone needs them to establish our social network. Abraham Lincoln once said, "The better part of one's life consists of his friendships;" we need those friends, who are our common acquaintances showing concerns to us by having a small conversation, who are our pleasure-seeking friends sparing us time by hanging out with us, and who are our soul mates easing our pain by giving us mental supports, for we all want to succeed in a splendid life.