In 1919, as the destructive World War I came to an end, many countries wanted to be paid back for their loss in the war. Not knowing who to target to pay for this mass destruction, many European countries decided to blame the entire war on the formerly powerful Germany. Many European countries gathered and wrote a treaty, later known as the treaty of Versailles for the Germans to sign. The European countries created an unfair treaty that punished Germany more than it deserved; the suppression of Germans justified the Germans rebellion that lead to the world’s second tragic war.

The treaty of Versailles punished Germany too harshly in an injustice way, this lead to the reaction of the Germans. Germany’s wealth arouses the jealousy in many European countries. They targeted Germany in order to strip them of their wealth once and for all. Germany was not the country that began the world war. Germany joined the war to back up its allies. The treaty is unfair because there is no reason to make Germany pay for the cost of the entire war. Also, the treaty demanded millions even billions of pounds from Germany.

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This grand fortune was more than what Germany could afford. Germany was punished too far because other European countries’ intention was to simply destroy the country and not let it rise ever again. Germany reacted towards this great suppression in the act of rebellion. Germany united its forces and decided to take their faith in their own hands. They were stripped of almost all of their property. Having nothing to lose, Germany started World War II to fight for their country’s future and glory.

It is absolutely rational to argue that Germany was punished unfairly and harshly by the treaty of Versailles; therefore, Germany’s reaction towards the treaty can be justified Some historians argue that the treaty of Versailles was a fair treaty and Germany was not punished enough which caused them to rebel. Many historians believe that Germany was the ultimate cause of the World War and deserved to be punished. Also, many historians argue that the treaty of Versailles did not punish Germany enough.

If the Germans were punished thoroughly enough, they would have never been able to fight against the other European countries again; they would not have been able to start World War II either. People argue that if the European countries could have anticipated the future, they should have punished Germany to a higher extend in order to keep them from reacting. Though this might be a logical argument, the truth is that we could have never anticipated the future. Also, we shall never know how Germany would have react if the treaty of Versailles punished them even further.

No matter how hard the treaty of Versailles punished Germany, they might not have been able to ever suppress Germany from rising again and fighting for their rights. On the other hand, if the treaty of Versailles did not punish Germany as harshly, or if Germany was not blamed for the cost of war, Germany might have never started World War II. Therefore, it is more reasonable to argue that the treaty of Versailles was too harsh on Germany and it can justify Germany’s act of rebellion that lead to the world’s next tragic war.