Teachers should be concerned more about the side effects of too much homework. Students spend many hours outside of school doing homework. Teachers should reduce the amount of homework because too much homework eliminates students’ free time, can contribute to bad grades, and can decrease student’ health. Teachers have to understand that students go to school five days a week. They also don’t get enough time to participate in other activities. Every student has something else to do after school like sports, clubs, chores or jobs. Students should be able to have fun and spend time with their friends and families.

Teacher should make homework fun or hand out less homework. First, too much homework does not leave free time to students. They are forced to choose between homework and friends. Since students need to interact with people as part of their personal development, they need to know how to be sociable, learning of their own experience and not simply things that are stated in a book. Not having the chance to normally interact with people can lead to a lack of social life, which may prevent students from developing personal and leadership skills.

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These are useful and necessary later in life. Student who do not acquire these skills may have a hard time as adults. Having friends makes us feel accepted in a social environment that produces a general welfare, we feel happy and full of energy. Having friends is important for our growth, our development as human beings, as well as our mental and emotional health. If we have no friends to share our things, whom would we tell our most intimate problems? With friends it is easier, because there are not family ties. They can listen without being affected.

By the same logic, they have the ability to understand and support emotionally things the family could not, because the family has so many related feelings involved. Too much homework does not allow students to keep their friendships, because they are constantly busy doing homework. Students go to school then come back home and do homework and when they finally have done their homework, it is too late to go out and interact with friends. Second, too much homework can cause bad grades. Students spend between six-and-a-half hours and eighth hours, from Monday to Friday in class.

Students do not need to come back home and make the assignments that are typically given by teachers to be completed at home because it takes up two or three hours. That is more than a full-time job. Sometimes students participate in after school activities such as sports. Researchers in physical medicine and rehabilitation indicate that our bodies require physical activity, at least three times per week. Having an active life is linked with a energetic physical performance as a youth. These activities may take up to two hours of an evening.

Then there are the ones who have chores and jobs that have to be done, causing them to have bad grades. Some people may say that homework helps students who are struggling. The fact is, students are struggling even more. Finally, the most compelling reason is that too much homework causes stress. It has been shown that the attitude toward school is a major cause of stress. The stress level is influenced by pressure, expectations and demands of their family and teachers. Teens are especially in a state of distress due to the excessive amounts of homework that they get at school.

Stress can result in such things as insomnia, acne, and depression, which can lead to even more stress. Emotional difficulties and behavior in school are serious and difficult problems for both education and the mental health of students and parents whose children fail to perform to parents’ expectations. Students get even more stress during finals because they have so many things to accomplish plus other activities they have. Homework is just another thing that teachers make students deal with.

Too much homework reduces the chances of building strong relationships with friends and family, causing stress in students’ life. Eventually stress and its effects will result in long-term problems and will negatively affect a student’s life. In conclusion, students have been suffering because of the excessive amount of homework given by their teachers. This large amount of homework has been causing them to have poor grades, a stressful life, and to lack a social life. Therefore, the education system should consider these facts and reduce the amount of homework.